Is it Happy Leap Year or Happy Leap Year Day? Whatever, will anyone ask me to marry this day?

Lisa invited me to lunch yesterday. Poolside at the Marriott Beachside. A very pretty setting. Nothing special involved. Lisa just wanted to take her Dad to lunch. Nice!

I spent the afternoon outside on the deck researching and writing. The girls were there, also. Donna and Terri. Terri was rehearsing the songs she will sing Monday night when she appears with Randy Roberts at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. Terri’s singing was an added bonus for me.

It was the Chart Room last night to visit with Larry Govendo. Larry is from Syracuse. More importantly, he is a die hard Syracuse fan.

I first met Larry three years ago at the Sports Page Bar while watching a Syracuse game. Larry is the person responsible for the Syracuse flag which hangs at the Sports Page Bar. Larry obtained the flag, mailed it to me, and I took it over to Patrick to have hung.

This was Larry’s first trip to Key West since sending me the flag. He never saw it hanging at the bar. One of his highlights this week was visitng Sports Page and viewing it.

Larry was with Staci. Another Syracuse resident. She is a guidance counselor in the Syracuse shool system.

We talked for quite a while. At least two hours. Then it was good bye until hopefully next year.

I stopped at Don’s Place briefly on the way home. Not too many people. Chatted a bit with Rob and Todd and left for home.

I have a hair appointment with Lori this morning. Somewhere either she or I screwed up. An appointment was missed. I have hair!

Enjoy your day!

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