Not a good day yesterday.

The weather continued to be perfect. But not me. For whatever reason, I felt under the weather all day. Sluggish.

I did get out around one for a manicure and pedicure with Tammy. I spent the rest of the day home in bed.

Syracuse played Connecticut last night. I was scheduled to watch the game at the Sports Page Bar with Dan and Lisa. Never made it. Watched the game from my bed.

Dan and Lisa are vacationing here in key West for a month. The month ends shortly. I have neither Dan’s phone number nor know where his rented house is, except that it is on Watson Street. Ergo, Dan and Lisa I assume showed up for the game and I did not. Sorry, my friends. I am sure you understand.

These Syracuse games are getting difficult to watch. Syracuse won a squeaker last night. By 2 points. Syracuse was up by 17 points in the first half. I thought for sure last night was going to be Syracuse’s second defeat of the season.

Only one season game left. Louisville next week. Will Syracuse end the league season 30-1 or 29-2? I don’t know any more.

Today is Sunday. I feel better.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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