I have been up earlier the past two mornings doing this blog. This morning 5. Yesterday 3.

It is not that I am anxious to write each morning. Though actually I am. It is the pain! The problem is not so bad as to require a pain pill. But bad enough to be constatly irritating.

I do not understand how I can have a tooth ache where there is no tooth!

I went out yesterday. First time by day in over a week.


Had some bills to pay. Filled the gas tank. The new Volkswagn took only 11 gallons to fill. Then to Publix to shop. The cupboard was extremely bare. Needed blender compatible foodstuffs.

I enjoyed it all. Especially Publix. It never fails. Ran into several local friends. Made a new one.

I tried a chocolate covered donut the other day. There was a box frozen in the freezer. Thought I could handle one. Looked so good!

I let them thaw. Then took one small piece into my mouth. No way!

When will I eat normally again? My social life is affected, Drinking and eating are the big things down here. I do not drink, except an occasional one. I am not eating. Cannot chew. If it were not for the weather, my life would be down and low. No Question. The best place to be incapacitated a bit is Key West. Even if you cannot play as normal people do.

I live and learn. I wanted to get some money to a friend quickly. Discovered Western Union. The transfer took all of 16 seconds. And I was able to do it at Publix! I suspect the Publix employee who assisted me thought I was nuts. I kept repeating….Amazing!

Lynda Frachette does a dail internet news letter about goings on in Key West. She also announces therein (a remnant of my lawyer days) birthdays and anniversarys. My birthday is July 6. The announcement was follwed by a description of a Cancer person. My birthday falls into the Cancer time frame.

The description was right on. Fit me to a T.

I recall many years ago being on a train returning from New York City to Utica. A time when people primarily took trains.

I was glancing through a magazine when I came across the description of a Cancer Male Attorney. Wow! Did it fit!

I will not bore you with the description. If interested further, look it up on the internet. Today’s blog is getting long.

Rocco, where are you? I don’t think you love me any more.

Martin BK, how were Terri and the Follies Sunday?

Golf this morning! I will survive. And enjoy.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,

    Cindy shares the same birthday as you. So she is also a Cancer…and I mean that literally! Five-time Cancer.

    Hope you get feeling better soon.


  2. "Martin BK, how were Terri and the Follies Sunday"?

    Hi Lou…and the name is Marty but I try not to confuse myself with your Hallandale friend Marty.

    So I went to see the final show of the Follies at the Kennedy Center. It was sold out and truly fantastic, so much talent in one place. Bernadette Peters, Linda Lavin, Elaine Paige and Terri White…an all star cast. How can Bernadette be in her 60's? She looks, sing sand dances wonderfully.

    Terri was a big hit and her tap dance number with the old "Follies" girls brought the house to their feet. The look on her face at the conclusion of her number said it all, she knew she was good and appreciated.

    Broadway is lucky to have this show en route and I'm sure it will be a big hit as it is simply fun, despite having a rather heavy plot about lost love and the meaning of love.

    I hope you get to see Terri and company up north in NYC, it would be well worth the trip and I'm sure you'd get the backstage treatment!

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