Good morning!

Still dark outside. I continue to have trouble sleeping. All jaw related. I am up early once again.

I will not be doing my internet show tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK will be playing a rerun of a former show. My jaw makes it impossible to sit and talk for an hour. It is the required continual talking. I have difficulty enunciating. The pain would be horrible afterwards.

Watch however the rerun. Each show has consistently been informative and fun to listen to.

Golf yesterday morning. Wowie!

Golf did not hurt my jaw.

I played with Nate, Don, Larry and Yankee Jack.

Nate is a former pro tournament player. Lasted only a couple of years. He is a scratch player. As he has said many times, you have to be better than the usual scratch player to make it professionally.

Nate was the best yesterday! As expected! He was the big dollar winner. $39! Big money in our games.

Shockingly, I was a winner also. $4.

Don and Yankee were the big dollar losers. Larry some where in between.

Strokes were given all over the place. I did terrific! Even Larry got strokes. We were all playing off Nate’s ball. Don is a good golfer, but not in Nate’s league. Don refused strokes. He played Nate even. His tough guy stance cost him $15!

Last night was fun! I went out. To dinner. A mistake. I enjoyed only parts of my meal. I still have difficulty chewing.

By pre-arrangement, we met at Don’s Place. The “we” consisted of Larry, Robby, Lois, Don, Mary Deasy, Nate, Missy and me. Larry was our host. He had invited us all to dinner as his guests. Why, I am not sure. Larry is that way. Thank you again, Larry.

I met Robby and Lois for the first time. They are from Danville, Pennsylvania. They have been coming to Key West for years. Every few months. Both are retired educators. Robby was a math teacher. Lois taught the fifth grade.

Interesting people. Nice people. Lois a lovely.

The connection. Larry and Robby have been friends since the first grade. Their relationship continued through school and now into the gentler years.


Larry’s choice for dinner was Sweet Tea’s. He had never been there. I had never been there, either. As it turned out, the only one to have dined there was Don and he recommended Sweet Tea’s strongly.

Larry’s desire and Don’s recommendation were both right on. Sweet Tea’s is fantastic! I shall be a somewhat frequent customer.

Sweet Tea’s is located where the former Keys Piano Bar was located. I felt a touch of sadness as I entered. I frequented the Keys Piano Bar. Big time! Donna and I would go together. Before Terri’s time. I even did a New Year’s Eve there. Donna and Terri met for the first time at the Keys Piano Bar.

Sweet Tea’s has been renovated. Bright cheerful hues.

The food absolutely orstanding! A WOW! Plates loaded with good home made cooking. Tasty! And…..I was able to handle the meat loaf and bread stuffings. I totally failed with regard to the macaroni and cheese and cole slaw.

Key West icon Tom Luma bartending. A personality.

I met Dina. Dina is one of the owners or the owner.She waites tables also. May cook a bit in addition. Nice person! I wish her and Sweet Tea’s success!

Pricewise, the place cannot be beaten. Average dinner price $10. Too much food and too little cost for such quality. Hope they make it! Could be. The place and bar were packed. Primarily, locals. A good sign.

George said hello to me.

George is a female. A beauty! A lovely disposition!

George is good friend to my daughter Lisa. She was at Lisa’s wedding eight years ago. I recall downing a  martini with her.

I have only seen George three times since the wedding. She bartends at Hog’s Breath. Not one of my usual haunts. I promised to remember her to Lisa. Lisa, take note.

This mornig, the dentist. Yes, again. I am beginning to think forever! I hope today’s procedure will help me to enunciate properly and be able to chew. I love my blender, but am ready to dump it.

I am not a happy  camper with my President this morning. I have been and continue to be an Obama supporter. But he continues to screw up in some significant areas. One is economics. He rewarded Wall Street who created the disaster. To the further detriment of the middle class which continues in a downward spiral. Straight down to the abyss of a lower/no class.

I worry that in the end, Obama is going to lean more to the right and downgrade Social Security and Medicare. While Wall Street and corporate America that he embolds will conintue to pay their higher echelon significant million dollar bonuses. And pay little to no taxes.

Yesterday, the President told us of how he proposes to with draw from Afghanistan. I was disappointed. Get out now, not two years from now. The numbers he came up with will only cover the surge numbers between now and September 2012. The remaining 70,000 troops will allegedly be out by 2014.

I do not believe it. Afghanistan has been a 10 year war. The longest in American history. We went into Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden. We got him. Obama got him. Now we should get out! Like yesterday!

We cannot afford the war economically. We cannot and should not permit the continued maiming and killing of our service people.

Reagan was faced with a similar situation in 1983 in Lebanon. The Lebanese cabinet fell. A civil war resulted. Our Marines were being killed. Finally, 241 Marines were killed in one event. A suicide bombing in Beirut.

Reagan concluded the people we were trying to help were crazy.They hated us. We who were trying to assist them. Reagan decided to cut and run. Just like that. Here today, gone tomorrow.

He withdrew the Marines.

Obama should withdraw, also.

One person’s opinion.

We are presently involved in three wars. Not good. These military commitments have overextended the Nation economically. Continued participation dissipates our financial resources. To no avail.

These wars are not for our security. I am not sure what we as a Nation are doing. I would rather see the dollars spent at this time waging these wars invested in America’s economy. We need jobs in this country! Reinvesting those dollars in restructuring internal America is the key.

Like make love, not war, make jobs, not war, is the evolving cry.

I am sure Obama hears the cry. He is not effectively reacting to it.


Enjoy your day!

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