I had a wonderful time yesterday!

About time! 

The pendulum is starting to swing back to normal.

My dental appointment was first thing in the morning. Two hours of it. I was not sure when I left if progress had been made.

I had appointments booked back to back. My next stop was Tammy at Lee Nails for a pedicure and manicure. Did the pedicure first. Comforting. I fell asleep.

I had trouble staying awake during the manicure.  When I went to pay Tammy, I shortchanged her $12. I had difficulty comprehending the dollar exchange.

What was up? I am off the pain pills. They were crazy. I had a problem sleeping all week. My behaviour was strange. Withdrawal?

Headed to Publix. My chewing capability was to have improved following yesterday’s dental work.

I purchased some items which required chewing. Simple things, but food items I have not been able to handle without the blender. Like cold cuts. Boloney, ham and cheese. I wanted to try wings. Deliberation resulted in me passing. If I could not chew yet, I would have wasted the purchase. A wise judgment from a person who could not stay awake an hour earlier nor make change.

I instead bought a jar of pickled pigs feet! Why, I am not sure. The last time I had pigs feet was roughly 60 years ago when we lived on James Street in Utica. It was a poor man’s dish. A staple in our home. My eye caught the bottle of pigs feet on the shelf and I went for it!

Immediately to home to try my new food choices.the blender and I had a conversation first. I advised it was time to move on  in our relationship. The blender reacted like a discarded spouse. Not a pleasant situation.

I tried a piece of each cold cut. The boloney, ham and cheese. No way! Pain! The blender was smiling.

I was glad I had passed on the wings. It would have been impossible to able to handle them.

Now came the pigs feet. Saturated with vinegar. No problem. Easy to chew. I was excited.

The pigs feet sat in my stomach for about four hours. Never again!

The blender and I mated once more. It was a loving experience. The blender’s demise is still a ways off.

Took a nap. Think it helped.

Last night,  I hooked up with Jenna at the Chart Room. I felt terrific! One reason was because I was able to talk. Socialize. I suddenly had no enuncition problem.

The pop corn is outstanding at the Chart Room. I ate two bowls of it. No problem chewing.

I was on a roll!

Emily was her usual cheery self.

A couple walked in. Todd and Christa Melrose from Pataskala, Ohio. Somewhere in the Columbus area. Todd works in concrete, Chrsta is a second grade teacher. This was day one of their first time in Key West. They are here celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.

Christa lovely with a bubbly personality. But it was her husband Todd who became my instantaneous best friend and probably will be so for life.

We got into Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Turns out Todd is an old west freak as I am! I did an internet show about the two old west law men a couple of weeks ago.Then followed it up with an Amazon Kindle legal blog.

Todd knew all the stars who have played Earp on the screen. He knew OK Corral.

Almost orgastic! I find very few of the younger generation who have heard of Earp, Masterson or OK Corral. Almost Unamerican!

Then the conversation moved onto the Military Channel. I watch it a portion of every day. So does Todd! Christa interjecting her husband has the channel on TV almost all day.

There is hope for this country. There should be more Todds. People need to be aware of history to appreciate where we are and the ideological political fights being experienced. History is a good teacher. It does repeat itself. Unfortunately man often does not learn because of ignorance or just not paying attention.

Happy Anniversary, Todd and Christa!

Then Jenna and I were off to the the Marriott Town ‘n Country. We sat at the bar. Robert greeted us. A good crowd. It was Jenna’s time to shine. She knew many people. Jenna has lived in Key West less than a year. I am impressed with the progress she has made professionally and in becoming part of the Key West fabric.

Food time! Testing time once more. We ordered a small pizza and fried calamari.

The pizza was no problem. The calamari, wow! Pain! Not as bad as the boloney, ham and cheese. But I could not handle the chew factor.

A couple sat next to us. Early 40s. The guy part at one point turned to me and said…..you should be on radio with that voice.

They were Omar and Mia Garcia. Both Conchs. Omar a soon to be retired fireman. Mia works with Dr. Behrman.

Omar is first cousin to Vidal. A leading Key West gay. A drag star of exceptional talent and beauty. Vidal has a second life also as a photographer. He is considered the best on the island.

The mention of Vidal brought Sergio Sanchez’s name into the conversation. Serge is Conch and my cousin through marriage. They do not come better than Serge. Serge is Vidal’s cousin, also.

Jenna and I had a good time chatting with Omar and Mia. Hope we run into them again.

The evening was a winner! I could enunciate. I was able to converse. I talked myself silly.
My chewing ability was tested. The blender and I will continue our relationship a bit longer.

I was not tired during the evening. I was energized!

It was great being back! Being normal!

Today is friday. Friday in Key West. I have nothing planned. Perhaps a Hogfish lunch to test my chewing capabilities further. Will sit in the shade and read the newspapers while experimenting.

I am edging back into daily swimming in the pool. Will do that a bit.


Enjoy your day!

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