I did it! Finally left my home after nine days! Twice!

The first was to the dentist.

I should have stayed home. Left hurting more than when I went in.

The second time was in the evening. I needed to get out. Regardless of the pain I was experiencing. The cabin fever was overwhelming.

It was Don’s Place for a couple of hours.

It was good to be with people again! Don, Kurt, Robert, Michelle, Toni, Boomer, Skip, Jimmy. I forget who else.

I confess. I had a couple of drinks to kill the pain. It did somewhat. But not enough.

I shot pool. First time in 40 years! Eight ball with Jimmy. One game. I lost. Not badly. I scratched after making the 8 ball.

The last time I played was with a Judge back in Utica. Anthony Garramone. We would meet for lunch religiously on Wednesdays. At our men’s club, the Fort Schuyler Club. After lunch, we would go upstairs for an hour or two to shoot pool. And talk. Generally about politics, the law and women.

Anthony’s nick name was Muzzy. Even to this day. We grew up two doors apart on Jay Street in Utica. The Petrones and Garramones were neighbors. The Garramones occupied 3 houses, the Petrones one.

Muzzy’s Uncle Frank married my Aunt Fanny. Neighbors who married. Sometime in the late 1920s or early

There is a story that has continued in the Garramone/Petrone family folklore over the years. On Aunt Fanny and Uncle Frank’s wedding night, Aunt Fanny as giving her new husband flack over something. He told her to get his pants and put them on. She said…..are you crazy…..they’re too big for me! He replied…..now you know who wears the pants in the family!

Those were the days on Jay street! Utica’s Italian ghetto from the 1920s through the 1950s.

It is about three in the morning. Woke. Wide awake. Pain in jaw non existant. Pain in temples. Substituted one pain for another. The drinks took care of the jaw. But left another pain.

I am going out later in the day. Need a pedicure. Refuse to stay in.

The blender and I are still a team. No divorce in sight in the near future.

It is back to bed for me. Hopefully to sleep for a  few more hours.

Enjoy your day!

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