Golf yesterday!

I wish I could tell you how well I played. I cannot. I sucked! Like I had never played before. Topped the ball all over the course. I don’t know why. Besides lifting my head.

Played with Yankee Jack and Aaron. Yankee and I played a money game. As bad as I was, he only beat me by two holes. I lost all of $2.

Very humid yesterday. Fortunately, overcast. Or it would have been more difficult to play.

It was supposed to rain yesterday. It did not. Four consecutive days of rain had been reported starting yesterday. Still waiting. We need the rain desperately!

After golf, it was back to Verizon. To pick up the second computer. I thought the problem was resolved and it was the wireless connection purchased from Verizon. Turns out it was not. It is my computer. A problem that requires me to find someone to repair the computer itself.

The golf and humidity knocked me out. I laid down at 4 in the afternoon to rest a bit. I fell asleep. Woke at 7:20. I had the Stiletto Contest to judge at 8. I really had to move my ass!

The Stiletto Society sponsors a Stiletto Contest once a month. At Vinos on Duval. A cute wine/beer bar and seating area.

The place was packed! Ninety five per cent women. All well attired. Most in spectacular stiletto heeled shoes.

It was Red Hot Stiletto night. The shoes were hot! The ladies hot! Thirtys to fiftys. All lovely!

I knew none, except one. Wild! All the time I have been in Key West, I had never even seen the lovely ladies who were present last night.

Stephanie Kaple of Island Shoe Girl fame operates the Stiletto Society which sponsors the contest.

We were four judges. Three males and one female. We were seated at a table at one end of the room. At the other end was the doorway leading into the bar room. From that door to the judges’ table was a bright red carpet. The ladies walked towards us and then turned and sauntered back.The crowd, primarily ladies again, whooping it up and cheering.

Each judge was responsible for scoring each individual. 1-10. Ten was the best. About 20 ladies participated. Our only instruction was to score from the ankle down. And…..view from only the ankle down. Difficult to do!

I scored some women 1 and some 10. And the rest in between. In the end, the scores of the four judges were averged and the winner decided thusly.

It was a fun experience! Hope I am asked to do it again some time.

I ran into Theresa. The one female guest I knew. She used to wait tables at Antonia’s. That place I have not been a customer at for at least two years. She no longer waits tables. She is a liquor distributor. She was a participant in the Contest. Her shoes were great. Gave her her a 10!

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place for a drink. Empty. Chatted with Angus for a while. One of the best of the best in Key West.

Then home to bed.

Tomorrow is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Most of today will be spent in final preparation for the show. Jenna is due in the afternoon to help me fine tune the show.

Tomorrow’s show will be my first in three weeks. My jaw has prevented me doing the show. I could not enunciate. I can speak clearly now. All will be able to understand me.

There is so much happening out in the world. So much has happened in the last three weeks. Ergo, I have much to talk about. To rant and rave about. Join me at 10 am my time tomorrow/friday.

Big weekend ahead! Fourth of July weekend. Key West is already filling up.

My playbook for the weekend is filling fast. I am not sure/cannot recall what tomorrow evening holds. Alsheimer setting in. Saturday is an all day big time pool party at Karen’s. You have not lived till you’ve done a Key West pool party!

The Fourth is fireworks and a beach party. Fireworks on the White Streer Pier. The party on the grounds of the Casa Marina. Right now the game plan is to watch the fireworks from Nate and Missy’s place. They live three stories up near the beach.

July 6 is a big All american day, also. My birthday. Number 76!

Thursday is our four team bocci party at Don’s Place. A winner every year!

David’s birthday is this week, also. July 3. He will be 61. I joke with him that he is a mere child compared to me.

Mike Yutzy is coming in for a couple of days. Mike is my friend from Las Vegas. The love of his life lives in Fort Lauderdale. They will be here saturday and sunday. He is friend to Don, also. The four of us plan on dinner together sunday evening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. lou, take the computer to tama on southard past the parrot. think it is called blue sky or something. she fixed mine up last year. not cheap but very good! gary….

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