A lovely Sunday yesterday!

I was up early. Had to be at the airport by 8. Cameron was leaving at 9 for Mongolia. Cameron is my 16 year old grandson by marriage. Part of my extended family.

A good kid!

Cameron has been selected by some group to spend a month in Mongolia. Performing what has been described as community service. He will live with a Mongolian family while he is there.

The airport scene was sad. We had time for breakfast. Every one trying to be cheerful. Even me.

The good byes at security were especially touching. Cameron’s mother Myra was crying. Corey trying to act tough. Lisa’s eyes filled. Mine also.

Robert and Ally had there arms around Cameron’s legs. I thought Ally was going to bust out in tears.

Cameron flew American to Miami.Then American to Los Angeles. He was met in LA by his group leader. Cameron roomed last night with another young man who was going to Mongolia with the group. Some one Cameron had not met before.

He telephoned his mother Myra at 3 this morning. Midnight LA time. He was in the pool with some others who were traveling to the Orient with the group.

Cameron flies to Soeul, Korea, this morning. Then somehow to Mongolia. From Soeul forward, it will be small planes, vans and buses. Perhaps even a camel. I kid you not.

He will be staying with a Mongolian family. Tent inhabitants, probably. Mongolians are nomadic in nature. Their homes are frequently moved about. Ergo, the tent existence.

Modern toilet facilities will not be genrally available. A hole in the ground.

After the airport visit, I was off to the Coffee House. Awfully early to be up! I had a cup of coffee and browsed through the Sunday New York Times. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I never made it to the final portion of the Church revival service.

Lunch time brought an unexpected visit by Lisa and the family. Robert and Ally were in their swim suits. They came to swim!

Not yesterday! The pool copping was being painted.

We had lunch and they left. Probably to the beach.

I spent the rest of the afternoon writing and watching the golf match on TV. These young players all putt extremely well. All perform like Tigers! Whatever happens with Tiger’s career from this point forward, he can know he elevated the game to another level. Today’s new players would never have played this well were they not in chase of Tiger Woods.

Jenna and I had dinner at the Yacht club. A quiet enjoyable interlude. For two people 50 years apart, we communicate well. Her midwestern Indiana upbringing and the influence of her parents enable our relationship. Interesting.

I was home early. Before 9.

Some tidbits.

I just found out via Facebook this morning that friend Sheila from the Chart Room is in the hospital.She had an accident and broke several bones. As soon as I am finished here, I am off to the hospital to visit her.

Stephnaie Kaple of shoe girl fame suffered a disaster, also. A fire. I communicated immediately upon hearing yesterday. Jean Thornton had e mailed me from where ever she is  vacationing. I telephoned Stephanie immediately. She was harried. I merely expressed sorrow, told her I was glad she was well, and offered her and her dog a place to stay.

Stephnie’s monthly stiletto contest is this Wednesday evening at Vino’s on Duval. I am scheduled to Judge! Going to be an experience. Attractive ankles and the cut of a woman’s calf, I understand. Shoes, I do not.

I am a Manhattan College graduate. Manhattan men are known as Jaspers. After the founder of the College, Brother Jasper.

Jasper John R. is a loyal blog reader. He too is a Manhattan grad. Ergo, the Jasper name. He comments frequently to this blog.

Jasper lives some where in New Jersey. He is a bit younger than me, but not my much I suspect.

Jasper’s wife, Evelyn Reinke, died of cancer. Evelyn’s birthday is July 1. Her neice thought it would be nice to celebrate Evelyn’s memory and birthday by doing something more than just sitting around and talking of her. She came up with the idea of a blood drive. Apparently Evelyn had roughly 125 pints of blood and 75 of platlets in her attempts to survive.

So a blood drive in Evelyn’s honor has been planned for July 1. It will be at the Micro Waste facility , 5 Industrial Drive, New Brunswick, NJ. From noon to six in the evening.

Go! Give! Help replenish the gift of life!

Telephone 732-565-5880 to sign up. If you give elsewhere, remember to say it is honor of Evelyn Reinke.

Let me know how it goes, Jasper.

Then there is Martin BK of the Washington, DC, area. Another loyal blog reader and commentator.

He wrote recently he was going to catch the last Follies show. He wrote afterwards how terrific it was. He was especially complimentary of Terri. He further mentioned the show would be opening next month in New York.

What irritates and disappoints me is that I had it arranged for Martin BK and whoever was in his party to gain admission after the show backstage. He would have met Terri and Donna personally and been Terri’s guest at the closing party.

My problem was and is I did not and still do not know how to communicate back to my readers. You can appreciate I cannot have my telephone or personal e mail floating out there on the internet. So I failed in getting this info to Martin.

Sorry, Martin.

Enough for today. I have to shower and head over to the hospital. My friend Shiela needs me!

Enjoy your day!

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