Weird day yesterday machinery wise.

I have two computers. Both down yesterday. I spent three pluse hours sitting around Verizon trying to have the problem to one diagnosed. The new one I acquired two weeks ago. The older and very expensive one was in for attention the day before.

Turns out the problem for both had to do with the wireless connection.

By the way, Verizon are good people to deal with. They hung in there solving the problem. It was their device that was not communicating properly. The cost to me nothing, except for exasperation.

When I left Verizon, my cell phone would not work. There was a note saying no Sim contact. What the hell was Sim? I bought the phone from AT&T almost two years ago. Good attention at AT&T also. There was nothing wrong with the Sim card. They did not know why the phone screwed up. I could neither call nor receive for about an hour.

Then to Walgreen’s. Wanted to call my heart doctor’s office while I was waiting in a very slow moving line. Like 15 minutes to be reached. No cell phone service again!

Back to AT&T. I could not even get in the door. Everyone was trying to get in. Turns out AT&T was down for a couple of hours. My purported Sim problem in all oikelihood was a precursor to the major problem.

It was now close to 5 o’clock. I had spent a day with failing machinery. I lost a lengthy blog in the morning just as I finished it. Spent time sitting around Vedrizon.They should get something for their customers to read. And then, the AT&T debacle.

In the meantime, Michael Shields questions how I could advise my blog readers my computer was down. There are others whose computers were working. Like Lisa. And then a friend/reader who believes I need a new computer.There can be other legitimate reasons besides age why a computer is down. Besides, I have two computers as explained. I bought the new one because I am lazy. My home is two stories. I wanted a computer upstairs and another downstairs. I am lazy. Perfsonal conveniences are always a goal.

Do I sound frustrated? I am/was. A pain in the ass day…..all day!

My evening was better. Hit Don’s Place early. Jenna still sick. A crew came in from golf. Don, David, Larry and more. Michelle there. We spoke quite a while. She is Italian/Irish in origin. We talked of her background. Especially the Italian part. All familiar to me.

Erica, Herschel, Rob, Bebe, Alex, Boomer and more at Don’s also. It was like New Year’s Eve at 6 in the evening.

Kurt and I hooked up and went to Outback for dinner. I was able to chew. I had to order selectively, however. Ribs that fell off the bone. Soft. And a baked potato.

I was home in bed by nine.

This morning golf!

The weather is turning. The humidity heavy. Rain is projected for the next 4-5 days. Good! We need rain desperately here in Florida. I don’t care if it makes it impossible to complete play. That is how bad rain is needed!

My desr friend Susan Cullen of Chart Room fame is home. She fell from her bicycle over the weekend and broke her leg. Required surgery. A plate and cadaver were needed. Sheila and I are now birds of a feather.

I visted Sheila at he hospital yesterday morning before I started my computer trek. She looked good for a woman in pain! I might have jumped her bones if she did not have a broken bone. Only joking! But good you did look, Sheila!

Poor Stephanie Kaple. She owns a condo in a 7 or 8 condo building. Two nights ago at around 4 in the morning, the gent living upstairs apparently had a party. The newspaper claims he picked up 2 guys somewhere on Duval. Took them them home with him. They showered together, did some cocaine.

A brawl ensued. The two guests escaped in their underwear. The police were called. Stephanie’s neighbor bolted himself in the apartment. He had a gun. He started 6 different fires in the apartment. A shot rang out. He was found dead in the bathtub with a bullet hole in his head. He had done himself in.

Stephanie is safe.Sshe and her dog temporarily out of an abode. A friend has opened an empty golf course home for her to live in. Stephanie lost her furniture and clothes. Has significant property damage to her condo. And tons of damaged expensive shoes.

Stephanie is the Island Shoe Girl. Tonight is her monthly Stilletto Contest at Vino’s on Duval. I am judging. Why, I am not sure. Stiletto heeled female shoes are not quite with my area of expertise. It should be fun!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Be careful what you write, dear Lou! I have plenty of time to read while i submit my leg to The Torture Device from Hell! Sheila

  2. Lou,
    My wife and I have been coming to Key West every June for the past 15 years, and your blog has become one of my favorite ways to stay connected with the place I love when we are not there! The next time we are in KW, we'd like to meet you and treat you to an adult libation. We have our own blog (Really just getting started) called "2 Dogs on the Beach". We live on the Golden Isles of GA and have 2 dogs. (duh). Anyway, keep up the great posting!


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