My computer screwed up! I had a terrific blog  completed for today. All kinds of interesting happenings. Just as I finished, my computer crashed.

I am finally home. Tried to retrieve the blog at Lisa’s and Verizon’s. Could not. It is floating somewhere in never never land.

I am exhausted!

No blog today. Sorry. I am just too tired. It is close to mid afternoon.

So……some goodies from todays lost blog and some new items from today’s activities will appear tomorrow.

My apologies again.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou,

    I saw yesterday that we could have gone backstage at the Follies but we couldn't contact. What a shame as we would have simply loved that experience. I'm a disabled cop (line of duty) and any distractions I get I covet. Maybe you can swing some magic when they are up in NYC? The wife & I would love to go again. Anyway, I have no problem sending you my email if you want to say hi… it is I will delete any spammers into the 4 winds. Thanks again for thinking of me and I hope to hear from you. BTW, I was a fan of KW many years ago, I gained my open water dive certification there in the early 80's and vowed to one day retire there….still working on that angle. MartinBK (aka. Marty (the "other" one)

  2. WRT to the lost post, may I suggest that you look at a free add on to your browser called "Lazarus". I assume that you're writing your blog posts via a web browser directly into Google's blogger. And, when you lost your connection to the inet, then you lost your work. Lazarus would have saved it for you. When your connection was reestablished, Lazarus would have had it for you.

    I know you probably don't what some "Business Process Reengineering" help, but it's no extra charge. You should be using a client to write your blog posts. I use ECTO. Like a word processor or text editor, you write your text locally and they ship it up to the cloud. When the cloud is available.

    And, most experienced Information Technology Users or professionals will tell you that you can never have enough backups, fail safes, and extra copies. "Experienced" that means "been burned badly". And, now worship at the Church of the Backup, Backup, Backup.

    You're now anointed as "experienced", so go forth throughout the land and spread the work — backup!

    p.s., I lost a great chapter in my great american novel "CHURCH 10●19●62" before I found Lazarus and Backtrap5, a free key logger. Argh!

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