Good morning world!

Hello from early Sunday morning in Key West.

Yesterday was spent writing and watching TV. With a bit of sun bathing thrown in. I find as I get older that the skin does not maintain a tan well.

Last night was outstanding! Our bocce banquet!

At Cowboy Bill’s. A terrific party!

Cowboy’s was packed inside and out. Every one in a good mood. Having fun!

The evening started at Don’s Place. Met some team members. Drove over to Cowboy Bill’s. Michelle and Alex rode with me. The day had been warm . Thetop up. Nichelle insisted I put it down. She said…’ve two hot women here… them off!

Alex, by the way, is female.

Our team won 3 awards.Plus, one other sponsored Don teams won another. We walked away with the most plaques. I was happy for Don and David.

One plaque was for being the Most Improved Team. We went from 12th place last season to 3rd this season. Another for our teams Third Place finish in the thursday night league. Well deserved! The highest the team has ranked in the 5 or 6 years of its existence. Don received a special award which read in part…..In appreciation for all your support as a sponsor and a friend of the Southernmost Bocce League. Don sponsors 3 teams. He accepted the award for his sponsored team which came in second in the thursday night league.

I enjoyed the evening. Every one and every thing top shelf. From the people, to the food, to the drinks.

It was my intention to attend a church revival after the bocce banquet. The old fashioned fire and brimstone thing. Last night was called Night of Glory. Never made it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The three day revival is sponsored by the Church of Christ. The closing service is 10:30 this morning. I shall try again. My intentions are good. However, I have a feeling I will  not make it.

Why do I want to attend? Out of respect to one of my dental hygenists. She and her husband run/minister a church in Key West. They are sponsoring the revival.

My morning starts busy.

My grandson Cameron leaves for Mongolia at 8. You heard me correctly, Mongolia. Somewhere near China.

Cameron is 16. Just completed his second year of high school. A good kid. A good older brother to Robert and Ally.

Some group/organization sponsors world wide trips for young persons. Six have been selected from the Key West area this year. One is Cameron. All alone he leaves this morning to fly to Los angeles where he will hook up with other persons traveling to the Far East. Cameron will live with a family. His responsibility is to assist/provide community service to the Mongolian people.

What a trip! What an experience! We are all excited for him. Cameron, of course, is more excited than any one and cannot wait to get on the plane.

Tonight…..I think…..I am having dinner with Jenna at the Yacht Club.

It’s a tough life!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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