An outstanding time on the golf course yesterday!

I hit the ball longer, farther and straighter than I have in 10 years!


I did not win. No problem, though. Lost all of $2. Tom was the big winner with $8.

Played with Tino and Yankee Jack, also. Tino’s last day of play with us till the fall when he returns. At this very moment, Tino and his good wife Maria are on their drive back to Chicago. They will be missed.

On my way out last night, I stopped at Publix and bought the grandkids some ice cream. Ice cream on the stick. Vanilla covered with chocolate.

Actually, the ice cream was for Robert. Last week I bought Ally an egg slicer. Robert was offended that I did not buy something for him at the time. The ice cream was Robert’s egg slicer.

Robert was excited. I had purchased a whole box. I told him to share with his sister Ally. She was standing there. He said no. She won’t let me use her egg slicer.

I dealt with the problem. He shared. It was like trying to get the bank reform bill to a favorable vote in the Senate.

Then to the Chart Room.

Marty is back! Finally! My dinner date.

He had a friend with him. Luis. A good looking individual from Houndouras originally. Late 30s. Lives in Fort Lauderdale. Takes care of Marty’s house in Hallendale. A charming outgoing personality. We had a lot of laughs over the course of the evening.

I chatted a while with Michael and Captain Peter. The oil spill. It is the item of discussion every where in Key West. We live on an island. The spill will eventually reach our beaches. It will affect our economy.

There is concern. Validly.

Met Susan. Susan is the new bartender at the Chart Room. It took a long time to find a replacement for Mark. Michael was there last night training Susan. She needed no training.

Susan is an outgoing personality. She will do well at the Chart Room.

Dinner was at the bar at La Trattoria. The three gringos at the bar. Well, actually two gringos and Luis. We had a good time.

Luis is not new to Key West. He has been here before. He wanted to go to Virgilio’s after dinner. Virgilio’s is the night club behind La Trattoria.

I have not been to Virgilio’s in well over a year. Why, I don’t know. The place is alive. People enjoying themselves.

This was to be Luis’ place last night. He fit right in. A good looking guy. A terrific dancer. An instantaneous hit!

Marty and I left after a while. Luis did not need us.

I was walking on Duval towards my car when I heard Louis! shouted from across the street. It was Jean Thornton. We missed each other for a whole week. And now we keep running into each other. Even on Duval.

I crossed over and joined her. A golden girl in every respect!

She was with the shoe girl Stephanie Kaple.

Stephanie is one terrific person. She works with the homeless. She has an affintiy/addiction to female shoes. Every free penny she has goes into buying another pair of shoes. And cheap they are not!

Stepanie is intellectually talented. She writes a weekly blog. Deep. She starts off talking about shoes and somehow turns the dialogue into a treatise on some world shaking problem. Her blogs are all very well done.

You can read Stepanie’s blog at I recommend it!

Stephanie shared a piece of information with me I was unaware of. She is going to do a radio show also. Good girl, Steph! I wish you luck!

She will be on KONK radio as I am. You can hear her on fridays at 3. I am not sure whether she will be starting this week or next. However look for her and listen to her show. The topic will be fashion.

Speaking of radio shows, mine is tomorrow at 10. KONK 1500 AM radio. See and listen on the internet world wide at

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It was great to read about my dear friend Susan in your blog. Not surprised to hear that she is making such a positive impression. I still remember the first time that Susan and I met – talked for hours – friends for life. Sounds like she has found her new home.

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