I bowled yesterday. Yes, bowled.

I have only bowled one time previously in my life. About 60 years ago when I was in high school. I think I shot 20 at the time.

Yesterday I did a bit better. 84, 89 and 82.

It was not easy. Especially at the beginning. At the end of the first 4 frames of the first game, my score was 8. I had 6 gutter balls in those first 4 frames. Then I got a spare. Everyone went crazy! High 5s all over the place!

How did this all come to pass?

It was early afternoon and I was having lunch at Lisa’s with the grandkids. I got a call. Don Manaher. Want to bowl? Bowl? I don’t know how to bowl! So what? You don’t know how to play golf either. Ok. Meet at Don’s Place at 3. I have a limousine van to take us out to Boca Chica to play.

The bowling alley is located on the Naval Air Base at Boca Chica.

I was late. The limo left without me. I hooked up with everyone at the gate to the base.

Nice bowling alley. They have changed since 60 years ago.

No one has to keep score. Done electronically. There is even a tv type screen that shows you where to throw your second shot. A bright and cheerful place. Not the dungeon I recall my father taking me to when he bowled in his friday night league.

I rented shoes and went at it.

We were a large group. Don, Boomer, Carey, Jules, Jim, Tino, Maria, Tom, Nancy, David, Karen, Michelle, Kurt and many others. Don split us into teams.

Michelle was on my team. Her first roll resulted in a strike. Big! We all cheered! I thought this is going to be embarassing.

That was it for Michelle. Her last strike. My overall score was better than hers. I am proud to say I beat the 2 ladies on my team with my overall score.

Otherwise, I looked like a complete ass! However, it was fun!

We ate and drank. For me it was diet Pepsi. But I ate all the fried goodies and fries laid out. On top of the generous lunch Lisa had made for me.

One of the ladies in our group looked awfully good. Her game, that is. She looked good, too! I noticed how well she bowled. She threw her arm up in the air on the approach and that ball aimed for the heavens. And her shots were good. She scored well. I mentioned to Jules that that woman shoots well. Jules said she brought her own ball with her. Says it all!

I telephoned my father while we were bowling. He is 96. He bowled for many years. He was surprised to hear I was bowling. Laughed. Wanted to know how bad I was doing. I told him in the 80s. He thought that was good for basically a first time.

We then went back to Don’s Plce for a cook out. Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, salad and brownies. The good times continued!

What a life! Key West offers it all! I love it here!

I ate constantly yesterday. Beginning with lunch at Lisa’s to the pickies at the bowling alley to the cook out at Don’s. The scale says it this mornig. I gained 3 pounds!

Enjoy your day. Sunday!

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  1. Your just a young man at heart Mr Lou. Heading to see family in Syracuse on Tuesday. Will beep for you when in Utica 🙂

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