Good morning world!

Today is friday!

And what do we do on friday! Listen to the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

If time permits, join me this morning. At 10 am. On the radio locally at KONK 1500 AM. On the internet worldwide where you can see as well as listen.

Some great show topics. The Key West nude beach, the stimulus impact on Key West, anti-semitism, the Catholic Church, Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Adress, the Supreme Court nominee and women’s rights, a same sex marriage update, Confederacy month, Virginia weird dumb laws and more.

Virginia is not the only place where things are weird. They are weird here in my home. At least yesterday.

I stayed in all day! I did paper work from 8 in the morning till 7 at night. Non stop. If I am going to work this hard, I should never have retired!

I was supposed to play bocce last night. I would crawl to play bocce. Not last night! I was too tired! I telephoned Don my captain and told him I would not be playing.

It was early to bed for me. And early to sleep.

Tonight is a grand one for Key West. Terri White has returned! She will be doing a solo performance at the Waterfront. Terri in Paradise. I will be there. I hope you will also.

On monday Terri opens on Broadway as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago. Wow!

Again, try to tune into my radio show. The internet is more fun. You can see as well as hear.

Otherwise, enjoy your day!

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