Two special experiences yesterday.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour in the morning and Terri White last night.

I did a 15 minute segment on anti-semitism on the radio show. A hit! The telephone calls and personal comments during the day following the show were more than normal. Everyone liked it. Not only was it enjoyed, but it caused people to speak about matters I had discussed.

Last night was a night of nights! Terri White!

Lets place last night in perspective.

Less than two years ago, Terri was homeless in New York City and slept on a park bench for 3 months. Then she came to Key West. Got a call to return to New York to audition for the Finian’s Wake revival. She went, auditioned and got the job. The number 2 lead.

Terri was a spectacular success in the show. She is being mentioned for a Tony nomination. Nominations will be announced May 4th.

Last week she starred at Carnigee Hall in a Gershwin evening of song.

Last night she returned to Key West and the Waterfront Theatre for a one night performance that had been planned way before her Finian’s Rainbow success.

Monday she opens on Broadway as Matron Mama Morton in the hit musical Chicago.

Terri is a personal friend. Very close. Both she and her wife Donna. A same sex marriage.

Terri sang and sang and sang. There was no stopping her. I felt the presence of Al Jolson who did likewise. Just kept singing, just kept entertaining.

I was in the presence of greatness listening to her. Better stated, I was in the presence of something special, someone special. There were moments when tears were rolling down my cheeks. I am not sure whether it was for her renewed success or the quality of performance my eyes were seeing and my ears hearing. Maybe both.

Quite a day!

Enjoy your day!

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