I slept with the glass sliding doors to my bedroom open last night. It was that kind of an evening.

My bed faces east. When I woke this morning, I could see the sun rising over the horizon. A bright yellow ball.

God is good!

I was right about yesterday. The telephone call came from Lisa just after I finished the blog. The grandkids were sick. Would I babysit? Of course!

They were not that bad. Both had a few sneezes. Ally a slight temperature.

I spent the morning watching them. It was like a workout at a gym.

We played hide go seek. They had just learned from one of their friends. So they taught me. I had to go to a corner of the kitchen, cover my eyes, count to 10 and shout…..ready or not, here I come!

I am a quick learner.

We played for over an hour. Robert and Ally were easy to find. They giggle when you get near them. I fooled them once. They could not find me. I stood in the tub with the shower curtain partially drawn. My high point of the day!

Then we played bingo. A variation of the usual game. This one is done with letters so they can learn the alphabet and words. They beat the hell out of me. For real! They were both excited that they were winning and I could not.

Lisa came home early. I left. Went to Lucky Day for lunch. Cuban toast with tomato and melted cheese.

As I was leaving Lucky Day, Jan walked in. I had met him Sunday. He operates the mechanical portion of the Shell station on the boulevard. My rear light had gone out. It took Jan and one of his helpers 45 minutes to replace it. These Audi lites are difficult to remove. When he had finished, I asked him how much. He said nothing. I was embarassed and gave him $20. I had to fight him to take it.

We chatted for a few minutes at Lucky Day. A nice guy. Give him business, if you can. I think he operates the car wash also.

Then to Publix. The cupboard was bare again.

I have spent a week trying to hook up with Jean Thornton. She is one of Mel Fisher’s Golden Girls. She was vacationing from Indiana, dove off a Mel Fisher ship and found gold and jewels. Changed her life!

She now dives everywhere in the world. She also has a place at Truman Annex here in Key West.

We have been e mailing each other all week. When are we going to see each other again?

Yesterday at Publix. As I was leaving, she was pulling out a cart. We hugged. She has lost weight. About 15 pounds. Looks good! I told her so.

She told me she was going to hear Corey’s talk later in the evening. I told her I would be there with Lisa.

I stopped at the Chart Room first last night. Who was there? Jean Thornton! We enjoyed a nice conversation.

Lisa and Corey showed up. We had planned to meet there. We had dinner at the Pier House outside on the deck. It was a perfect evening for such a dinner. Calm and peaceful. Larry Smith stopped by to say hello.

Then it was off to the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey is the Chief Archeologist there. Has been so for close to 25 years.

He was giving a lecture last night on the last three slave ships.

Corey is the world expert on Spanish galleons and slave ships in the Caribbean.

An interesting talk. Slave ships in the United States ended their existence in the early 1860s. Corey traced the history and laws regarding slave ships from the inception of our country to that time.

Corey is an engrossing speaker. Moreover, he is an adept investigator. He digs for little pieces of information and then traces those tidbits till he discoivers the true story. So it was last night. His investigatory prowess was evident.

Corey had to stay after the lecture to speak with guests. I drove Lisa home. Then I drove Vanessa the baby sitter home.

All in all, it was a good evening.

Enjoy your day!

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