Maria is a friend. I met her at Don’s Place a couple of years ago. She is one of my bocce partner Jules’ friends. Maria lives in Tampa. Works as a school teacher with the disabled. Drives a beverage cart on a golf course in her off time for extra money.

She is also a Facebook friend.

Maria’s message to the world this morning on Facebook: Happy Hump Day!

Smart girl! Good girl! Thank you for wishing us all such a day!

Golf yesterday morning.

I played well on the front 9. Even I was impressed. I was getting off the tee. And hitting them long and straight.

It did not last. I tired on the 11th hole and stayed tired the rest of the round. My score showed it! I lost my swing.

Why? I was not tired the previous two weeks. My swing was getting stronger. Medically I seemed to be recovering.

Then yesterdaay occurred.

I analyze everything. It was hot. I did not drink any water. My doctor told me to drink Gatorade 2 while on the course. I had 2 large bottles with me. I drank it all. Forgot to intersperse with water. I think the lack of water is what did me in.

I ended up with a blazing headace and was dead tired.

I also ended up losing $7. I was ahead on the front and then lost my swing and my money on the back side.

Played again with Tom, Yankee Jack and Tino. Tino was the big dollar winner.

I hit my bed right after golf and fell asleep. Not for long. The grandkids showed up. Poppa!!!

After they left, I analyzed my headache and tiredness. Came up with the water cause. Hope I am correct. Devoured several glasses of water and took a couple of Advil. A couple of hours later, I felt ok.

Hit the Chart Room first last night.

Met Donna! Donna had texted me Sunday night asking why I was not at the Chart Room. I was not sure who she was. Turns out I had never met her. She reads the blog daily, however.

We met last night.

Donna is here on a week’s vacation. Staying with her friend Kathy, a local interior decorator.

Donna is presently from Salt Lake City. She did live in Key West for 15 years at one time.

I liked Donna. We had a good chat. Hopefully I will run into her again at the Chart Room before she leaves.

Che and Captain Peter were in attendance also. We all sat around the round table and had good laughs and a good time.

Then I was off to the Sports Page Bar for a light dinner. A turkey sandwich and fries. Both delicious!

Chris bartending. We have become friends after our first stormy meeting. Patrick the owner stopped by to say hello. A good young man running a good business.

This is Conch Republic Week. The 28th anniversay of the establishment of the Conch Republic!

Twenty eight years ago, the U.S. Border Patrol barricaded the road to U.S. 1 at Florida City. It was a misbegotten attempt by the federal government to stop the flow of drugs at the time out of the keys into mainland America. The people of Key West were pissed. A group formed the Conch Republic and seceeded from the Union.

Immediately following the secession, the Conch Republic surrendered to the United States and demanded war reparations.

The event is celebrated every year at this time.

Tonight is the parade. Hearlded as the “World’s Longest Parade!” It will at one time run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. People come from all ove to participate. Including some Maryland firemen who show up every year.

The parade ends at Schooner’s Wharf. Big party there tonight. Howard Livingston playing. Will add to the crowd.

Charles Kuralt was a famous news broadcaster in days gone by. He used to spend his leisure time in Key West. He referred to Schooner’s as “…..the center of the universe.”

Unfortunately, I shall miss the parade. Bocce tonight. It is a question of priroities.

I will also miss Donna and Terri tonight. They returned to Key West last night for a few days. Donna telephoned yesterday and wanted to have dinner tonight, No, I said. Bocce.

Hopefully, we will hook up Saturday. They leave Sunday.

Terri starred at Carnigee Hall last week. She is appearing in a solo performance at the Warterfront Theatre friday night here in Key West. Monday she opens on Broadway in a three month gig as Matron Momma Morton in the award winning musical Chicago. A talent!

Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is Key West Lou Legal Hour time. 10 am. Please listen in on the radio at KONK 1500 AM. Better yet, watch and listen on the internet at

Enjoy your day!

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