Tino the videographer!

Tino is a retired federal police officer of some sort. From Chicgago. Short. Tough.

His life has changed since his retirement to Key West. As it has for all of us.

He was part of the group at Larry’s Saturday morning. We are trying to put together an internet/tv show. Where it is going, none of us is sure. We keep rambling along.

Henry was videoing our activities. So too was Alec. Tino occasionally assisted. He would be handed one of their cameras.

Apparently Tino got bit by the videoing bug. He e mailed me yesterdsay. Said that since Saturday he had gone to Amazon.com and purchased a used video. He then used it to video a local show about the boats that have made it to Key West over the years from Cuba. The video even has music and dialogue.

It’s terrific!

All of 9 minutes. Watch it on www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWS2hidgqBsO.

I opted to stay in last night. Made myself a light dinner. Eggs in a pasta sauce. Like my Mother did. Then to bed and tv.

A good tv night. Robert Taylor on the Turner oldies channel. I started with a 1937 comedy of his and ended up with Taylor’s 1953 hit Ivanhoe. Saw Quo Vadis in between.

I recalled reading Ivanhoe when I was a junior in high school. It was mandatory reading. The movie was easier to handle.

Friday is around the corner. My radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 in the morning. Please listen in at KONK 1500 radio. On the internet worldwide you can see and hear. http://www.konkam.com/.

Golf today. Tino will be there.

Enjoy your day!

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