Dark outside.


I can hear the breeze.

It is going to be another great Key West day.

I spent yesterday morning in bed watching the Sunday TV talk shows. Immigration is steaming up. Because of the Arizona situation. It is going to be interesting to see if Obama and Congress deal with the problem at this time or let it sit into next year.

It was the Shrimp Shack on Stock Island for lunch.

The Shrimp Shack has been open and closed for the past two years. It is open once again. This time to stay I believe.

Inside it is a fresh fish store. One of the best around. It is where I buy my fresh catch and stone crabs.

Outside the dock is now covered with tables. Laquered and painted. The painted ones are bright hues. All covered with brightly different colored umbrellas.

Sitting next to the dock on the water are shrimp boats. There were 9 yesterday morning. Old, beat up. Probably 50 plus years old. They go back to a time when shrimp was king in Key West. A time before the shrimp farms of South America sprang up.

There is still a market for Key West shrimp, however. These boats go out every Monday and do their thing. They stood proud and tall yesterday. Manifesting a confidence borne of time and experience.

I sat at one of the tables right on the water. Spent about 3 hours there. It was comfortable. Just warm enough. Coupled with a cool breeze off the water.

I read the Sunday papers, gazed at the people, enjoyed the boats and contemplated. I was in a good place at a good time.

I also ate. A reuben mahi mahi sandwich and cole slaw. The sandwich was to die for.

It was Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. I will probably end up baby sitting some time this week. Both Robert and Ally were sneezing.

Tonight I have a date! A sweet young lady! My daughter Lisa!

Corey is doing a talk at Mel Fisher at 8 on slavery. He is the world expert on American slavery. For real!

Lisa will join me at the Chart Room at 6. I want to show her off. Then we will have a light dinner at the Pier House on the outside deck. Followed by a short walk to the Mel Fisher Museum to hear Corey’s talk.

Speaking of Lisa, I recomend a visit to her internet department store. www.viakeywest.com. Mothers Day is around the corner. What better place to buy a special personal gift for Mom!

I have to kill some time this morning. I do fasting blood work at 8:30. The mind is a wonderous thing. I always seem more hungry at a time like this.

Enjoy your day!

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