Good morning!

Rise and shine!

Another great day about to embark upon us!

But at this moment just after 6 am, it is pitch black outside!

This morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour! Please listen in. At 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. Better yet, on the internet world wide to both see and hear.

Some of the topics to be touched upon and their legal implications include the oil spill, Y-Net and the Monroe County School Board, financial reform, Illinois weird dumb laws, immigration, Eisenhower and a stimulus package, recognition of Israel, Amazing Grace and more.

The afternoon was overcast yesterday coupled with a cool breeze from the ocean.. I sat on my deck and read for a couple of hours. I am mid way through The Help. A book about the American South in the 1950s. It is presently #2 on the New York Times best seller list. A friend loaned it to me. I am into it enough to say it makes for interesting reading. I enjoy anything about the South that helps me to comprehend what motivates the South of today.

Bocce last night. It started raining about an hour before. Lightly and then a bit heavier. Enough to screw up the court surfaces. Bocce was called off.

I went over to Hogfish. Because of bocce, I had not eaten. Enjoyed fish and chips and read the newspapers.

The long cold spell affected the iguanas. They burrowed deep to avoid the cold. There were few to be seen.

All of a sudden in the past two weeks, there are iguanas all over the place. Especially on the golf course. Running all over, climbing trees. Especially energetic.

I figured the warm weather brought them out. I was wrong. I read somewhere a couple of days ago that this is iguana mating season. They are chasing each other!

Hope you can join me for my radio show a 10!

Enjoy your day!

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