Golf this morning!

I can’t wait. I am anxious to play.

Hope I hit the ball as well as last week before I tired. I will be drinking water today.

Yesterday by day was a quiet one. I stayed home buried in paper work again.

Terri opened monday night in the musical Chicago. I was all over the internet trying to find her reviews. I could find none.

I telephoned Donna in New York. Where are Terri’s reviews? There are none, she said.

Chicago is an ongoing musical. 13 years. When an actor goes into an already running Broadway play/musical, critical reviews are not conducted.

I did not know. We live and learn.

Donna said Terri was terrific, rewiews or not!

Speaking further of Terri, she was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award. As Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Finian’s Rainbow. Her competition is Angela Lansbury for her performance in A Little Night Music.

Good company Terri is keeping!

The Tony nominations are announced May 4. That is the big one! Lets hope Terri is among those nominated.

I had an 8 o’clock meeting at Larry Smith’s home last night. To work further on our tv/radio show idea. I had to eat first. So I stopped at Lucky Day Cafe. It is about 2 blocks from Larry’s. Enjoyed a grilled cheesesteak sandwich and read the newspapers.

The meeting at Larry’s went well. We sit and talk. This whole thing is still in the development stage. Henry brought a CD of some of last week’s work. Good! He knows what he is doing.

Larry, Alex, Henry, Adare and Doc Covan were in attendance.

I do not know what will come of this. But we are moving ahead. Though slowly.

On the way home after the meeting, I stopped at Lisa’s. Corey was in the living room. Lisa in bed on her computer. Robert sleeping next to her. Ally in her own bed asleep. A typical American family settling in for the evening.

Lisa lives near a Dairy Queen. Soft ice cream. I have not indulged in almost a year. I had the desire last night. I stopped and bought a cone of soft chocolate. Small, of course.

When it was handed to me, I thought it was too big. It had been a long time. Was it good! Iam glad I did it. There was no guilt involved.

Friday will soon be upon us. That means my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio. On the internet to see and hear at

One of the persons I plan talking about is John Newton.

Newton was a slave trader. One of the last. Part of a group outlawed by the United States government in the early 1860s. Newton’s claim to fame is that he found God thereafter and became a minister. And wrote that great hymn that is genrally played at funerals. Amazing Grace.

Got to get ready for golf. Hope I hit them well!

Just received a telephone call from Utica. It is snowing. Snowed yesterday also. Has it ever snowed in Key West? The weather presently is in the low 80s by day and high 70s by night.

To my friends up north, come join me!

Enjoy your day!

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