Sunday has passed once again.

Yesterday was a good one.

I layed around in the morning watching TV talk shows. Especially enjoy Meet the Press and Chris Matthews. Read some of the Sunday papers.

Lunched in. Still working at the Thansgiving turkey. Lisa gave me some to take home. Almost all gone. I made myself a turkey sandwich.

Then to Don’s Place to watch pro football.

It was a second coming! I have never seen so many people at Don’s Place on a Sunday! At least twice the usual crowd!

It was soon obvious why. Yesterday was the annual Chili Cook Off at Don’s Place. A big deal! Thirty entries. Huge bowls of chili. All kinds. Some even made corn bread.

Everyone was walking around sampling the chili.

I tried a bit from a few bowls. All good! I could not figure out how the judges could determine a winner after sampling all 30 entries. Their taste buds had to be screwed up after the first several samplings.

My cell phone rang. It was Lisa. Could I babysit?

Soon I was alone with the grandkids. I decided to take them for a walk. We ended up at Dairy Queen. Do they know what they want!

Robert asked for a swirl cone. Ally a chocolate cone with sprinkles. The last time I took them it was vanila in cups and a spoon. They have graduated!

I graduated a long time ago. I had a chocolate cone.

I decided to test them. I asked if they would share their ice cream with me. Ally was all for it. Robert wanted to know how much. I said half. Robert said no. Only a little bit. He pointed to about 20 per cent. We negotiated. I got up to a third.

I tried to use the experience as a teaching tool. I doubt I succeeeded with Robert. Ally was no problem since she obviously already understood the sharing concept.

After sitting, I returned home for a time.

I have discovered a new TV channel. New to me. Comcast channel 169.

Old movies. Especially musicals.

Yesterday, it was On the Town with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. A 1949 flick. It was about sailors hitting New York City on shore leave.

The music!

The original score was by Leonard Bernstein. The story by Broadway’s Betty Condon and Adolph Green.

The movie opens at dawn. Sailors are departing their ship for a New York City shore leave. Of course, they are lead down the gang plank by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. And all are singing the immortal New York, New York.

What could be better!

Last night I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Glad I did! I had a terrific time!

Jean Thornton was there. She is back in town. Good for Key West! She is the best!

Jean is one of the Golden Girls. She was a 40ish Indiana school teacher vacationing in Key West when she went diving with the Mel Fisher crew and discovered gold on her own. Her life changed immediately! She no longer teaches school. She is now a big time driver not only here, but all over. And has discovered more treasure!

Mike and Tina came in. I have not seen them in several weeks.

Mike and Tina have a second home here in Key West. They live in Hartford, Connecticut. They flew down the day after Thansgiving for a quickie and are leaving today.

Mike and Tina had just finished what they described as a spectacular sushi meal at Ambrosia.We spoke of the benefits of eating sushi. One being good for the weight. All that protein.

Then they told me they were at La Trattoria for dessert. Cannolis. Oh, well!

I am ashamed and embarassed. I was having such a good time at La Trattoria that I let the time slip by. I had intended to go to the Wine Galley for Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase after dinner. Kathleen Peace was singing.

I love Kathleen. I love her voice.

I never made it!

Sorry, Kathleen.

Mark Watson is already a Key West icon. A sweet guy. Presently does most of his professional singing at the Keys Piano Bar. I consider him a friend.

Mark reported in Facebook this morning that he dropped his cell phone in the toilet. I did this once several years ago. The moral of the story is that men should not pee and talk on the cell phone at the same time.

Anyhow, Mark was lamenting at the cost of a new cell phone.

Jon Allen commented on Mark’s plight. He said the same thing happened to him. He heated the oven to 200 degrees and turned it off. The cell phone went into the oven. Stayed there till the oven cooled. He claims the cell phone then worked!

What do you have to lose? The cell phone is already no good once it hits the toilet.

On the other hand, I am not sure if Allen was joking. His comment seemed serious. You decide.

Christmas is coming. Take a look at Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West for interesting gifts. No fuss. Pick out an item, press a button or two and your gift selection is on its way.

Enjoy your day!

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