Cold in Key West!

63 degrees this morning.

We periodically experience a cold spell. It is generally a blessing. A relief from the heat. But this is a bit too cold!

Last night I wore long pants and a sweater!

The cold spell will be gone tomorrow. The high will be 78. However it will be 66 in the evening.

As mentioned yesterday, we are sliding into Key West’s cool time of the year. Mid December to mid February. Sometimes the cold does not hit till mid January. That is the way it was last year.

We shall survive!

My first visit when I left the house yesterday was Walgreens. My dug store of choice.

It seems I am there a couple of times a week. For some of us, the older we get, the more pills we take. I have prescribed 12 different pills a day. Since some are taken in multiples. They total 16 actually consumed a day. That means a lot of visits to Walgreens.

I have concluded I should have been a pharmacist. And developed my degree into a chain of drug stores. Prescription drugs can be expensive. Even with a drug plan. These drug chains have to be making a ton of money!

I feel bad some days when I am standing in line and some senior citizen in front of me has to pay $165 in cash for a prescription. It is tough enough getting along these days. However it is a bad scene when some have to choose between necessary drugs and food.

It is the same with medical attention. Medical services are only great if you have a medical plan. And a good one at that! Otherwise some people are forced to choose between seeing a doctor and eating.

Not good!

We do need universal health coverage. And then we have to follow it up with some sort of prescription cost control.

After Walgreens, it was Borders. I am still reading the Sarah Phalin book. I really got into it yesterday. No conclusions drawn yet. However when I left Borders, I had the sense that she was telling her life story/crying about experiences we have all had in life.

Maybe that is why she is so popular. She is every woman! Every person!

I stopped at Lisa’s for a while. Robert still has a fever off and on during the day. However he appeared better. Ally was into all kinds of kid projects at the kitchen table. Love them both!

Last night I met a couple of people. We were chatting. They wanted to know where to get a good steak. I told them the Strip House. And so the three of us went there for dinner. I ended up being their guest.

The beef was outstanding! I asked for Russ. Russ is the chef. He was not working last night. I play bocce against Russ some Thursday nights and see him every Sunday at Don’s Place.

Russ is a transplant from New York City. He was a chef at the Strip Club in New York. When the opportuntiy arose to work here in Key West, he put in for the position. A good guy!

Bobby Nesbitt is back. He was in New York City for a few days. He was up there for a gig. Played one evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Big time! He also found time to see Terri White in Finian’s Rainbow.

Have a good day! Dress warm if you are in Key West!

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  1. Came across your blog while looking for the weather conditions in Key West…..Im planning my wedding there for mid December of this year….hope its warmer then 63!

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