Good morning!

It is around 5 am.

The electric power just came back on.

I woke just before 3 to the sound of heavy rain and thunder. And lightning! The kind that flashes into your bedroom. It is wild living on the ocean!

They were bowling big time upstairs. Soon after I woke, there was a real big boom! The power went out! TV shut down. I sleep with it on. The ceiling fan stopped moving.

And so it remained till a few minutes ago. Big rain, loud thunder, flashing lightning and no electric power.

Thank God for modernization and civilization. I need electric power and all the amenities it provides.

Yesterday was a Thanksgiving celebration at Montessori. My grandchildren’s school.

Robert was an Indian. Ally a Pilgrim. Both looked terrific! Both were proud to be so attired!

The children all sang. Then sat for a thanksgiving feast. Turkey and all the trimmings. Just like tomorrow. After they were done, it was the adults’ turn. I limited myself. A small slice of turkey and some stuffings. I am saving myself for tomorrow to pig out.

I spent a good part of the afternoon at Borders continuing to read Sarah Palin’s new book.

I am developing a perspective on her. She is different from most people. It appears to have to do with her upbringing in Alaska. Not the easiest due to the nature of things and the weather that far north.

My mind is open on Palin. So may hers be also. She may just be a Perot type nut.

I have a way to go to finish the book. My thoughts will formulate as I progress. Nothing is locked in yet.

Thanksgiving tomorrow! A big deal! It has developed into a family day here in America.

At Christmas time we have visions of sugar plums dancing. At Thanksgiving it is the Pilgrims and Indians feasting together.

Sorry folks, but the Thanksgiving vision does not appear to be factually correct.

The Plymouth dinner was not as we have been led to believe. The Indians and Pilgims were not friends. In fact, the Pilgrims freely killed the Indians as opportunity arose.

The Indians suspected the Pilgims were going to attack them. So they decided to strike first. Ninety strong the Indians approached the Pilgrims. Before the battle could ensue, both sides started talking to each other.

Sort of peace talks. For 3 days.

They had to eat during that time. The Indians went out and killed 5 deer. They also ground corn and pumpkin. They lived off these food stuffs during the 3 days of negotiations.

Peace was arrived at. They had a dinner to seal the peace. The same deer, ground corn and ground pumpkin. With a few fowl thrown in.

The dinner was not necessarily the happy time represented and believed by us all.

Thanksgiving as a special day first arose in our history during the later part of the American Revolution. The Colonists had begun to do well. The Continental Congress passed a resolution for a day of thanksgiving. The day had nothing to do with Plymouth or the Indians.

In 1817 New York State was the first state to officially establish a day of thanksgiving. Again, the day had nothing to do with 1621 and the Puritans.

Abraham Lincoln was the first public figure to really nail down Thanksgiving as an official holiday.

In 1863, the Union had just won the Battle of Gettysburg. A significant victory. A turning point in the Civil War. Because of the victory and because of the general good which Lincoln believed was befalling the Union, Lincoln signed a Proclamation officially establishing the last Thursday in November as a national day of Thanksgiving.

Lincoln’s Proclamation makes no mention of Plymouth, the Puritans, the Indians or any feast at that time.

In the early 1900s illustrations began appearing in newspapers and periodicals regarding the 1621 dinner feast involving the Pilgrims and Indians. These illustrations depicted the scenerio as a happy and festive time. It is from these illustrations that the Thanksgiving day as we know it developed.


How history shapes us. Or history as we believe it was.

Whatever. As long as we are all happy.

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is golf day. After all the night rain, will we be able to play? It depends on the sun. If the sun rises and it is warm, it could dry things enough for us to play. Still dark, however. So I won’t know till later and you will not know till tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis –

    An old friend told me of your blog last night, so I spent a good long while reading it. Wowee! I didn't know you were transplanted in Key West, nor was I aware of all of the trials and tribulations that youve been enduring by the hands of your son. I'm sorry, but not surprised. In fact, nobody is surprised and those who knew him knew it was only a matter of time.

    I fondly remember the holidays working for you. In fact a few of us still get together this time of year. When we get together we can't help but talk about the "old days". Who can forget Tommy showing up at the Union building then the new building with a truck load of turkeys, one for every person who worked for you. That bird meant alot to a family on a strict budget, let me tell you!

    Then the Christmas party! What fun, always at a classy place, always accompanied by a healthy bonus. Louis, many a year that bonus put presents under the tree that otherwise wouldn't have been there for my children.

    Things are not the same today. 2009seemed to be chock full of illustrations of the harm that greed and narcisism can inflict on people. This is evident everywhere, global and local.

    You seem to have found peace in a peaceful place. Reading your blog as far back as I did tells me you've discovered the dull things in life that make life worth living. Good for you!

    Anyway, time to start cooking but I couldn't resist telling you that a turkey for our oven and Christmas bonus from you will never be forgotten. Thank you so very much.

  2. How may years have I been telling you. You have touched alot of lives. Alot of people love you. The last comment is proof of that.
    I wish you to have a nice Thanksgiving. God Bless.
    Bill H

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