Still dark outside. Black. But I can hear the ocean running by through my open window. Loudly. Must be a strong wind today.

This radio thing is new to me. I love it! I love the reception it is receiving!

Only 3 shows so far. I prepare for them. This week the show falls on Thanksgiving. I have a big Thanksgiving show prepared. The topic, Thanksgiving of course.

And two great guests! My grandchildren Robert and Ally. Five and four respectively. What could be better than a conversastion with the two little ones about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

But it is not to be!

There is no radio show on Thursday.

Because I am the new kid on the block, I was unaware that the talk shows for the day are cancelled. It will be a day of holiday music instead.

Live and learn! I am a bit disappointed. I am sure the grandkids will be also. Lisa and I had them prepped and excited to talk with me on the radio show.

I spent the morning yesterday continuing to prepare for the holiday radio show that will not be. I learned later in the day of the no talk show thing.

Last night was soccer. Robert played. It was the last game of the soccer season. He played well.

I felt sorry for the kids. It had rained just before the game. So they were all a bit sloppy afterwards.

Then to the Chart Room. Packed! Many I did not know. However Frank and Che were there. Larry Smith stopped in to say hello. Charming Michael bartending.

Elaine and Michelle also there. Elaine is from somewhere in New York. Michelle is her daughter and from somewhere in the Carolinas. They were vacationing in Key West for the week.

Michelle is a sales manager for Hampden Inns. 35ish. Lovely and interesting.

She was intrigued by my hair. It is short cropped. She asked if she could touch it and rub it. Of course. I told her I was getting a haircut in the morning. I am. She could not understand why as it is so short from her perspective. To me, it is too long.

I had dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Delicious! A wonderful chicken dish. Chatted with owner Christopher. Also with Doctor Dan and his wife Isabel.

It was day 27 of no alcohol and smoking. The good doctor told me that statistics indicate day 28 is the big failure date. So I should be prepared for a difficult day today. I do not believe it.

Oh, my Syracuse basketball team! After their crushing victories over ranked North Carolina and California over the weekend, they have moved up in the national rankings. From 24th and unranked to 9th and 10th respectively.

Now Syracuse has to stay there. And move up even more!

We shall see. It is going to be an interesting season.

Big morning today!

Not just my haircut with Lori.

Montessori is having its Thanksgiving play and luncheon for parents and grandparents. Robert and Ally attend Montessori.

This is my second year at the event. Last year Robert was an Indian and Ally a Puritan.

The food is spectacular. The parents go all out in preparing the luncheon meal. There will be stuffed turkeys galore with all that goes with the meal. All kinds of potatoes. Pumpkin pies.

I love it all!

Lisa continues to knock herself out with her Key West internet department store. Christmas is coming. You may want to Christmas shop a bit with her. It is convenient and easy.

The Key West Lou tee shirt demand is dropping off. The key lime bunt cakes picking up. The bunt cakes are delicious.

Still dark outside. My sleeping has been eradict lately. I prefer waking up when the sun is up. Perhaps I go to bed too early.

Enjoy your day!

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