Good morning!

I am up early. Around 5 am. Dark outside. Quiet. I cannot hear the breeze in the palm trees or the water moving.

Yesterday was another slow one. Getting to be common lately.

I watched the Sunday news shows in the morning and read the Key West Citizen.

The TV news zeroed in on the Senate’s procedural vote Saturday evening to debate the health care bill. Will the bill make it? Some pompous Senators pontificating and bustering. Threatening to defeat the proposed legistation if certain changes are not made. Since this is a Democratic show, it appears that 4 senators are trying to upset the will of 56. Does not sound like majority rule to me!

Don’s Place in the early afternoon to watch professional football. A good afternoon. Don, David, Keith, Randy, Aaron, Steph, Nancy, Rob, Beebe, Jules and every one else watching the various games. Good people all!

I left early. For some reason, I was not into any of the games. My favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles and they were not playing till last night.

I drove over to the Coffeee House on Duval. I spent the next couple of hours reading the New York Times and New York Daily News. Nothing like the Sunday New York Times!

Then Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family. Ally seems to be growing. She must have spurted this week. Robert and Ally are pure energy. They never stop.

I was home in bed in time to watch the Philadelphia game. I fell asleep with the Eagles 4 points ahead in the last quarter. Did they win? I forgot to check the score before I started writing this morning.

Thanksgiving this week!

America’s family holiday!

My radio show is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. Thursday at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time.

My three shows so far have involved some what heavy legal matters. The homeless, mortgage foreclosures and the pending 9/11 trial in New York City. However, a holiday is a holiday! A time to relax and enjoy. A time to ease up.

So my Thanksgiving radio show will be a holiday treat. At least I hope it will be. I am planning it as such. It will be a story of Thanksgiving. Its historical roots. Why we do what we do on the holiday. Its legal connection will be that at a point in time in the history of our country it became a legal holiday.

Just to share a small part of the show, we all grew up believing the first Thanksgiving was at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Good luck! Berkley, Virginia claims the first such feast 2 years earlier than the one in Plymouth. In addition, the Indians say the Puritans had nothing to do with the holiday. They claim Indians were celebrating the harvest every fall for years before the Puritans even landed at Plymouth rock.

And then there is a fourth version which I came upon that is probably the true rendition. I will share it with you on Thursday.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour can be heard on radio on KONK 1680 AM. The internet carries it at And call ins can be made by telephoning 305-294-2769. The telephone number is also referred to as 305-294-CROW.

I am trying to encourage call ins to the show. Help me! Call in!

I received my first call last week. From Gary in Oswego, New York. A Key West snowbird.

Call to ask a question, make a comment, dispute something I may have said or just to wish me and everyone a Happy Thansgiving!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I would imagine there were a number of meal gatherings between new visitors and native folk. If not for the simple reason not to get cooked themselves. Although, the first people that landed on this country were unselfish, tired, and escaping prejudice, so making judgment and/or taking advantage was not in their agenda. I imagine there were "Thanksgivings" up and down the east coast in those early years.

    As a topic for your radio show, I had a Wild Turkey wander into my backyard this morning. Is it legally mine at this point?

    Regards and enjoy your Thursday with radio and turkey w/the family,

    Mike (of the Mike&Tina)

  2. Came across this quote last week while preparing a talk on gratitude: "The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving" H.U. Westermayer.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lou!

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