Good morning!

We have a cold spell here in Key West.

It was down to 65 during the night. That is cold! Especially when it was 80 only 48 hours ago.

The high today is projected at 69.

Soon…..long pants!

It is supposed to warm Sunday. High 70s by day. High 60s by night. We are starting to slide into the cold season.

Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving! One of the best!

Lisa’s cooking was spectacular! Everything good! Especially the turkey. Moist. Tasty. Fell off the bone as she cut it.

The grandkids were in rare form. Funny.

Robert was well in the morning. Fever gone. By the end of dinner, he was running a fever of 103. Slowed him right down.

Corey was happy, as usual. A solid rock. Typical Indiana personality. Soft and easy. He is growing a beard. Looks good!

Lisa and Corey appear a happy couple. They are a happy couple. I am happy for them.

This is day 31 for me of no booze and no cigarettes. Not easy. Not hard. Depends on the time of the day and what I am doing. I especially miss smoking. Alcohol started bothering me a bit this week. But…..a good boy am I! I’ll make it!

Enjoy your day!

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