The cold is supposed to start moving out today. Key West will return to normal. The high today is projected at 78.

It was cold during the night. Had to throw the quilt over me. It was not a night to sleep alone. It would have been good to have had a body next to me.

I had lunch and read the newspapers yesterday at Hogfish.

Hogfish is open air. A floor with tables. A thatched roof. No side walls. On the water. The cold was blowing in.

I sat on a side where the sun was covering the table. Added a bit of warmth.

Later, I was home watching TV and had a big time nostalgia day!

It was a movie. Singin’ in the Rain. Starred Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. A classic!

I enjoyed the film immensely! I thought what could be better!

Something was.

Immediately following Singin’ in the Rain, on came a two hour show about the singing stars of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. A wow!

At my age, I can remember going to the movies back in the late 1930s and then thru the following years. It was a time of radio. No television. Movies were cheap.

As kids we did neighborhood movie houses. For me back in Utica, N.Y. it was the Family, Rialto and James Street theatres. Definitlely every Saturday afternoon. Sometimes one night a week with my mother.

Movies were cheap back then. They did not break the bank to attend. I can recall paying 2 cents at the Family early on. Then things went up in the 1940s. 4 cents and then 6 cents.

And for those humongous sums, one got to watch 2 films, a serial and a cartoon.

The TV show following Singin’ in the Rain covered all the great movie singers.

Started with Nelson Eddy and Marie McDonald. Eddy had a booming voice. He played a Canadian Mountie in one film. He and McDonald sang a song that brought chills to me then and yesterday when I heard it again. I never knew the song’s name, then or now. I just liked it.

Dennis Morgan. A good looking guy who started as a singer in the 1930s. Ended up doing straight dramatic roles in the 1940s. One of his best was God Is My Co-Pilot, a World War II flick.

All of a sudden there was Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell tap dancing. Beautiful!

The show further included Jimmy Durante. He sang as well as joked.

Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, she sang. Or so I thought. Yesterday I found out her singing voice was always dubbed. She was so busy making one film after another that the studio could not afford the time to train her voice.

Lena Horne!

Then Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly in Take Me Out To The Ball Game. A singing movie about the early days of baseball.

June Allyson, Jane Powell and Peter Lawford!

Allyson was purported to be MGM’s biggest musical attraction. Powell’s voice was loud and powerful. Moved walls!

Lawford camed to Hollywood during World War II. Ended up a star. Married into the Kennedy clan. Was brother in law to Jack, Robert and Ted Kennedy. He was also a member of Frank Sinatra’s rat pack.

Of course, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.

Garland had a magnificnet voice! Yesterday they replayed her singing You Made Me Love You and On The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Songs of yesteryear. Johnny Mercer won his first Oscar for Best Song with the Atchison tune in 1946.

Mickey Rooney was always around. In early films with Judy Garland. Then in everything else over the years. I think he is still with us.

For an old guy like me, it was a wonderful afternoon. These were all musical stars I saw in my early days. And remembered!

A good afternoon.

Now to the present.

Syracuse played good basketball this week also. Beat Columbia and Cornell. No big deal since Ivy League schools are not in the same class as most schools Syracuse plays. Cornell could have been a problem. They were very good last year and made the big tournament. It is anticapated they will again this year. Cornell is probably the best of the Ivy schools. I was concerned that Cornell might upset Syracuse. Fortunately they could not and did not. It was a blow out.

Lisa keeps working her internet department store Via Key West. Her product line continues to expand. Yesterday she added some beautiful island bathrobes.

Christmas is upon us. Shop the season with Lisa at A great and reasonably priced gift idea might be a Key West Lou t-shirt. Why not!

Today is Sunday. My day! Love it! The Sunday papers, Meet the Press, pro football at Don’s Place, dinner with Lisa and the family, friends at the Gardens and finally Larry Smith’s Showcase at the Pier House.

Tonight, Larry Smith is featuring Kathleen Peace. One of the finest voices anywhere! Powerful! Beautiful!

I love Kathleen! I love her singing! Join with me tonight in enjoying Kathleen at the Wine Galley at 9. A moving experience!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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