The big day is finally here!

It is Thanksgiving!

I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are sharing the holiday with family and/or loved ones. Otherwise, it can be lonely. I know. I have been there.

Lisa is cooking the big bird and all the trimmings today. It will be Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally and Louis together for dinner. I look forward to it.

Festivities sort of started yesterday.

Lisa telephoned to tell me Robert was sick. Again. Temperature 102. Kids are always getting sick. They say it happens the first couple of years in school. They are exposed to everyone’s germs and eventually develop an immunity. I wish the immunity would hurry up!

I went over to Lisa’s. Robert was sleeping on the couch. He looked sick.

Ally was playing.

I invited Ally to go out to lunch with me. This was a first time invite. Me and her alone. She was uncomfortable Robert was not coming with us. It bothered her that her mother would not be with us. She finally asked if I was going to bring her back home aftert lunch. I assured her I would. Then she said OK.

Ally is a 4 year old wonder! She was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. She ran to her room and a few minutes later came out attired in a beautiful dress and different shoes. No one told her to change. She did so on her own. And came back to me dressed beautifully!

A woman in the making!

We were off on our luncheon date!

I was driving Lisa’s van so I did not have to change the car seat. I could not properly operate the door opener. Ally showed me. While driving, it began to rain. I could not find the windshield wiper lever and the light button. Again, Ally showed me.

I am not a dunce. Lisa’s van is just different. However I was impressed by Ally’s knowledge of everything. And she was pleased to help.

We went to Lucky Day. Ally had already had lunch an hour before. Lisa thought she would not eat. I ordered her a cuban toast. She devoured the whole thing! And also ate some of my hot ham and cheese sandwich.

A crisis arose. Ally looked at me and said she had to potty bad. I could see that hurry up look in her eyes. This was a first for me. I had never taken her to the bathroom. We headed to the back where the bathrooms were located. Men or women? I opted for the ladies’ room.

I stood with her as she went. We chatted about this and that. Her first comment when we walked in the john was that it was clean. It was. An interesting observation from a 4 year old.

Afterwards, we had to wash our hands. The soap thing was on the wall. Too high for her. She insisted she had to have soap. So I held her as she pressed to get the soap out. She washed her hands like she was taking a bath. It took forever to dry her hands and arms.

In the menatime, I am worrying that someone is going to knock on the door and want to get in. A man in the ladies’s room is not the usual thing!

Anyhow….we survived……no, I survived….. the bathroom episode.

We finished lunch. I showed Ally off to the staff. I am impressed that at 4 Ally knows the names of all the continents. I had her recite them. Proud grandfather!

Lisa had some things to do. So I babysat Robert and Ally when we returned from lunch. Robert was awake. But he had that feverish look in his eyes. He suffered in silence.

Later Lisa started cooking and getting ready for today.

The frozen turkey was in a sink full of water. Lisa was making a pumpkin pie. Ally was standing on a chair helping her.

I sat with Robert and watched some stupid kids’ movie on TV. These movies are psychologically terrific for kids. Not for me.

That was my day yesterday.

It continued to rain off and on during the day. Big time rain! It was raining at dinner time. So I opted to stay home. I had no desire to go out in the storm.

I could hear it raining off and on all night. This much rain is unusual any time in Key West, except for a hurricane or tropical storm. We are experiencing neither.

The rain is coming up from the gulf. From the southwest. Also unusual.

It is still dark outside. No rain at the moment. TV says scattered showers today.

Rain or not, it will not hinder enjoying the holiday. We will all be inside eating!

Enjoy the day!

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  1. happy thanksgiving my friend! very interesting story about your grandaughter as well. we both have to call one of our girls about anything modern i guess. we are getting old i guess! have a great day, gary and tecia.

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