The weather has been absolutely perfect the past few weeks. Low to mid 80s by day. High 70s by night. No humidity. Comfortable all the time.

What a place to live!

My big experience by day yesterday was grocery shopping. Again! I either enjoy it or don’t know how to do it. Perhaps a bit of the both.

My problem is I do not buy enough. When I am checking out, I am always so proud at how little I have spent. No wonder I have to return several times a week!

Dinner last night was at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. They have a TV. I wanted to watch the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game.

What a game!

This could be a Syracuse year!

As of last night, Syracuse was ranked 24th in one poll and unranked in the other. North Carolina was ranked 4th and 6th in the two polls.

Syracuse walloped North Carolina! By 16 points!

North Carolina was winning by 2 at half time. That was it for North Carolina! Syracuse went on a 22-1 run to start the second half. Unheard of! Fantastic! Terrific!

The night before Syracuse beat 13th ranked California big time.

Lets hope Syracuse can keep it up! It is a long season ahead. But credit must be given where due. And last night Syracuse earned it big time.

I can’t wait to read the morning papers regarding the game. Especially the New York ones. The game was played in Madison Square Garden.

Amy Culver is a Key West icon. A lovely lady! Former restaurant owner. Now a professional comedian. Even went to school in New York City to study comedian acting.

She is on Facebook this morning with a comment . Her comment generated a few comments in response. Whether the comments are true, I am not sure. They could be since people are people. Whether true or not, the comments are terrific and I share them with you.

All three concern statements that would be made to hotel personnel.

The first is the inquiry…..Does the water go all around the island?

The second…..When is the second sunset?

The third and possibly the best…..A call to the front desk that the microwave does not work. A maintenance man was sent to the room to tell the person that there are no microwaves in the room. The guest was trying to heat a burrito in the safe.

Go Amy!

Terri White continues to be a hit in New York in the revival of Finian’s Rainbow. That and her homeless story. She spent 3 months last year sleeping on a bench when broke. Today a star!

Terri’s story so far has appeared in the New York Times. She has been featured on the Katie Couric show. And People magazine did a major aticle on her. Next Tuesday at 6 pm Terri will be on national TV on Inside Edition. Figure out the channel where ever you are and watch it. Terri’s story is heartwarming! Terri is heartwarming!

I started today’s blog by telling you the weather has been perfect here in Key West for several weeks. I am up early this morning. Still black outside. But the window is open. It is raining like hell at the moment!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hotel questions are about as funny as cruise questions. For instance:
    Does the crew sleep onboard the ship? How does the ship get electricity? Obviously that person didn't notice the long orange cord attached to the ship and pier. Does this elevator go both up and down? They just go on and on. Joan…

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