Lisa just telephoned. She wanted me to come over for breakfast. Too early, I said. I am going to lay around and watch the Sunday TV talk shows.

The weather is always interesting in the keys. I mentioned to Lisa that it was pouring big time here in Key Haven where I live. Lisa lives in Key West proper. About 3 miles away. She said the weather was beautiful in Key West. Sun shinning. No rain.

That is the way it is here in the keys. The rain will soon pass and another glorious day will be upon us.

I did Harpoon Harry’s for lunch yesterday. Had not been there in a while. Opted for the Saturday special. A hot roast beef sandwich. Terrific! Love all that thick gravy! Good for the cholesterol also!

I finally got to Borders to start reading Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. I am not enough into the book yet to render an opinion or thought concerning it.

Interestingly I read somewhere this week that the book’s opening day sales totaled around 300,000. President Clinton’s book written after his Presidency opened with 400,000 and Mrs. Clinton’s book had first day sales of 200,000. There is obviously a lot of interest in Palin and her book.

I stayed in last night. Tired. Went to bed early to watch some TV. Fell asleep quickly.

Sunday! Sunday! Love Sundays!

The political talk shows intrigue me. Especially Meet the Press.

Love reading the Sunday newspapers. At some point I will bury myself in the New York Times for a couple of hours.

The afternoon is pro football at Don’s Place. A good time! Good people watching with me!

Then I am not sure what. Could be Kate Miano’s Gardens tonight. Or dinner with the family at Lisa’s. Or Larry Smith at the Wine Galley. Or a quiet dinner at La Trattoria. Or nothing. Depends how I feel around 5 o’clock.

I love this life style!

I wish it upon every one!

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