Dinner at L’Attitudes last night. A very fine dining experience.

L’Attitudes is located on Sunset Key. A boat ride away. All of five minutes. The restaurant sits just off the dock where the boat disembarks customers.

The last time I was at L’Attitudes was 15 years ago. Beautiful then. More beautiful now. It has been remodeled.

I had not been in all that time because of the boat ride. An inconvenience from my perspective. I now realize my loss.

Everything magnificent! From the view to the food to the service. Viewing the sunset while dining is special in and of itself. The sun set through gray clouds in a large orange ball. Mallory Square dressed up.

I asked for a table inside when I made my reservation.  By a window so I could see the sunset. My request was met. Thank you, Chris and Dan.

My waitress was Eve. Short for Ivelisse. Puerto Rico born. She has been in Key West 16 years. Efficient. Charming. Lovely.

L’Attitudes making a ton of money! Obvious. The place full. The boat bringing customers back and forth. The customers tourists. I did not recognize any locals.

Would I return? Yes. To dine alone at the bar and read the newspapers. With the added benefit of the setting sun.

My day yesterday began at Farmers Market. Bought bread. A long thin crispy loaf. Two. Toasted half of one for lunch. To die for.

Then Publix. Picked up a few essentials. Ran into Paul Toppino. Two bachelors grocery shopping. What the final quarter of life brings.

Spent part of the afternoon working on tuesday’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

My evening ended in a bit of disaster. I had to leave my car in the Weston garage. The key would not turn in the ignition.  Walked down to the Chart Room, had a drink, and Emily called me a taxi.

I have not taken a taxi in ten years. Expensive. $27.50, without tip. Pier House to my home in Key Haven. Bring on Uber!

When I finish this blog, I have to find someone to drive me to the car. The key problem happened once before. I left the car in Don’s parking lot. The next morning the key turned with no problem. Hope it works the same way today.

Tons of events scheduled for today as part of Hemingway Days. The one that appeals to me is the second preliminary round of the selection/elimination process in the search for this year’s Hemingway look alike. Sloppy Joe’s at 6:30. A full house guaranteed.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports Sheraton Suites was sold for $94 million. Most if not all of Key West’s major hotels have changed hands the last three years. Why not! Key West is packing them in. Guaranteed high occupancy at high rates.

Last but not least. Perhaps the most important item this morning. Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi announced a budget reduction for the next year. Almost 6 percent. Taxes will be reduced! When was the last time?

Gastesi should run for President!

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “L’ATTITUDES

  1. Sounds like you parked the car with the steering wheel slightly turned putting tension on the lock-out. Just pull a bit either way on the steering wheel to relieve the tension and see if it doesn’t allow the key to turn. Common problem.

  2. Don’t try to tilt it, just try to turn it to relieve the tension on the ignition lock-out. Left hand turns the wheel while the right hand turns the key.
    If that doesn’t do it then it could be one of the many VW electrical gremlins.

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