There is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out…..

Baseball. A different sport. Yet fits the feeling of Syracuse basketball fans.

Boston College destroyed Syracuse yesterday 96-81. BC made 16 of 23 three attempts. Where was Syracuse’s fabled zone defense? Non-existent. As it has been in prior games this season.

My heart bleeds not only for the team and Syracuse, but also Coach Boeheim. His post season interviews reflect his sadness. He assumes full responsibility re the team’s failure to defend/win. He is the coach/teacher.

The team is not guarding. Give an opposing player an open shot and he is going to make it.

The scenario embarrassing and perplexing.

A long season ahead. Orange blood will flow.

I watched the game at home. I died.

Liz gave me a container of her home made Christmas cookies. Delicious. I was so nervous and irritated during the game I ate them all!

Spent the day at home. The Syracuse game took the energy out of me. I did some reading. Learned something new.

Greece in many respects is the mother of western civilization. Ancient Romans spoke Greek. Not Italian. The language did not exist at the time of the Caesars.

The aristocrats spoke Greek. The rest Latin. Described as Vulgar Latin. Classical Latin the language used in legal documents, oratory and administration.

I believe I advised recently that Cleopatra was not Egyptian. Her ethnicity Greek.

Greece’s expansion of its commercial activities resulted in Greece impacting everything it touched.

I am continually critical of the Key West City Commission. Experts at wasting money.

The new City Hall at the former Glynn Archer School is scheduled for its Grand Opening tomorrow at noon.  The spendthrift politicians will be there taking bows. Final cost, $18.8 million. Took six years to complete. Overrun huge.

There was a time most Middle East countries were our friends. Includes our all time Arab friend Saudi Arabia. Especially love Saudi Arabia. They appear to have contributed to 9/11. They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. Who needs friends like them!

Israel and the Middle East nations come into play. Bitter enemies. From day one. Seems to get worse with each passing year. Truth be told, it never gets better.

In the meantime, the United States pays.

Middle East oil was cheap in the U.S. from 1950-1972. Then came the Yom Kipper War. Israel kicked the Arabs in the ass big time.

During the time, the U.S. supported Israel. As it always has.

OPEC was unhappy with the U.S. position. They stopped exporting oil to the U.S. When the embargo was lifted, OPEC still punished the U.S. by quadrupling the price of oil.

Three significant things occurred as a result thereof.

A recession. Makes sense if oil not delivered and then the price of oil quadrupled.

Japan captured the auto market by coming out with small gas saving automobiles. Affected our Detroit.

Finally, we got a national speed limit. 55 mph. Signed into law by President Nixon in 1974. The law remained in effect till 1995. It was thought by lawmakers that 55 mph was the fuel efficient speed.

I drove the highways of this country in those years. Especially the N.Y. Thruway. 55 mph no way to go! A hare’s pace.

A second government thought was that 55 mph would curb the appetite of American drivers for driving. Good luck! Driving is in the American blood.

I have a fear that the new Republican administration will cut in some fashion Social Security. In the past 5 years, I wrote two columns in KONK Life titled The Theft of Social Security.

Our government has taken close to $3 trillion from the Social Security Fund with no intent to ever pay it back. From surplus funds left over after benefits are paid.

Social Security is not free money to recipients. It comes from payroll contributions made over the years. Not tax dollars. It is the recipient’s own money being paid back.

The national debt is close to $20 trillion. The $3 trillion owed Social Security part of that number.

Most people are unaware that our government’s biggest creditor is Social Security. Japan, who we borrow from constantly, is only $1.4 trillion.

Social Security is self sufficient if the government stopped taking surplus monies out each year and failing to pay back at any time.

This short tale I believe is unknown to many of our legislators. Most cry out how Social Security is breaking the back of the U.S. economy. Bullshit!

Enough re the issue for the moment. I mention it because tomorrow night on my podcast show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou I will be discussing the matter at further length. Join me, if you can. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day! Your holiday!



I must be brief this morning. An appointment for fasting blood work and other tests at 8:30.

Last night was the worst performance of a Syracuse basketball team that I can recall. Defeated by 33 points by St. John’s. 93-60.

Pure humiliation. I felt it. Don Teich texted me with a one word message: Humiliation!

I am sure Boeheim was embarrassed. I watched his post game interview. Took less than 5 minutes. He assumed full responsibility. The team did not execute, did not defend. Boeheim’s fabled zone defense was non-existent.

Boeheim said he “had to coach better.” Of the team, “they have to play better.”

The team played like a bunch of high schoolers. They could only lose.

Boeheim is a class act. A great coach. His record speaks for itself. He has three quality players on this season’s team. They did not look like quality players last night.

The team taken as an whole looked to me to be a bunch of scholarship kids putting in their time to justify the free ride. Nothing more.

I watched the game at Jack Flats with Larry and Marilyn Taylor from Owensboro, Kentucky. They own a home on Emma St. Snowbirds. Marilyn still working. Plans on retiring in July. Larry a retired school teacher.

I was getting cross eyed. Larry and Marilyn are Kentucky fans. Syracuse was on one screen. The next screen was the Kentucky game.

Enjoy your day!



I love writing the KONK Life column. Immensely.

The topics can get a bit heavy. Too much heavy tires me out and I suspect my readers also. Ergo, every three or four weeks I do what I describe as a light column. Not necessarily funny. Merely soft and easy.

I wrote this week’s column yesterday. Since I had begun  the research Friday night, I was able to complete the column yesterday. A big deal! My Sunday is now free. All day!

Kissing the topic. The simple ordinary everyday connection between two humans.

The column basically a history of kissing. There was a time when people did not kiss. A time also when kissing was banned. Human nature being what it is, kissing survived. Fortunately.

The column publishes Wednesday in KONK Life.

The Syracuse/North Carolina game was exciting. Syracuse was in there till about three minutes to go. Syracuse rebounded and shot well. The problem continues to be the lack of a big man.

Based on the play, you knew Boeheim was back! His nine game suspension ended.

As expected, Boeheim received a rousing welcome when he stepped onto the court. Twenty six thousand strong. I was happy for him and at the same time sad. He appeared tired. Very tired. His hair totally white. The suspension aged the man.

Florida is once again engaged in a strange venture. The Second Python Challenge. 1/16-2/14.

Florida’s python population is out of control. The hope of the State is to maintain, not eradicate the pythons.

The Python Challenge permits man to hunt the pythons. The last hunt was 2013. All of 68 pythons were captured or killed. My fear is a python will kill a hunter. Gulp!

The State says even though the capture/kill number will be small, it is helpful to the State in determining their eating habits and paths of travel.

I believe the Challenge to be an ill conceived venture. Better the time and man power were spent figuring out how to get rid of the hundreds of thousands living out there. Most in the Keys.

I rarely buy a Powerball Jackpot lottery ticket. I did this week. Ten. Twenty dollars. Why not! The prize $950 million.

No one won. Another drawing this week. I will buy another ten. The ante will be upped. It is anticipated to $1.3 billion.

I think the lottery is a wonderful thing. Makes instantaneous millionaires out of those who were without. The winner can truly say…..What a country America!

Big night tonight! A date, dinner at Tavern ‘n Town and Bobby Nesbitt.

The lovely June Hudson returned this past week. We will be enjoying Bobby Nesbitt together at the Tennessee Williams’ Theater following dinner at Tavern ‘n Town.

A perfect evening!

Enjoy your Sunday!



When it wants, nature commands.

Very early yesterday morning, I stepped out onto my deck. I was amazed at the calm. There are many days when everything appears calm, but yet there is a slight movement in a palm leaf or something. Yesterday, no movement. Nothing at all.

Reminded me of Hurricane Georges. The night before was the same. Quiet. Peaceful. Absolutely nothing moving.

I learned back then the meaning of calm before the storm. Georges hit hard the next day. So too the storming yesterday afternoon and last night. Extremely heavy rain. Joined by thunder and lightning throughout the night.

Yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Continued with the 30 second fast thing. Increased the speed more than previously.

Then to Lee Nails and Tammy for a manicure and pedicure. Lee Nails amazes me. Tammy and her husband have built a huge following.

There was a break in the rain at dinner time. I decided on Hogfish. Mentally it seemed like the place to be after the rain. I was right. You could taste and smell the rain. All pleasant. Enjoyed my time at the bar.

I screwed up. I mentioned the other day that the Boat Parade was this saturday. Fortunately, I received many e-mails correcting me. The Boat Parade is a week from saturday. This saturday is the Christmas Parade. An event! Enjoy it somewhere along Truman.

Boeheim’s NCAA appeal has been decided. The only change was that the 9 game penalty begins saturday with the Georgetown game. Instead of at the beginning of the ACC season. A better result than before. Still sucks.

A raw deal for Boeheim. He had no direct tie to the charges. Which in and of themselves did not warrant the overall harshness of the original decision.

Few know the composition of and how the NCAA works. Worthy of a column at some point.

I have not been a fan of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for some time. They are a traditional group to the far right. Similar to the Protestant religious far right. The Bishops are generally in opposition to the changes Pope Francis is working to bring about.

The bishops recently met in Baltimore. Note that many did not show up for the scheduled meeting. Those present prepared a political document to guide Catholic voters.

The nerve of them! Priests belong in church preaching God’s word from the pulpit. Not in the public market place telling me and other Catholics how we should vote.

The bishops are way out of line.

Trump is beginning to get under my skin again. When asked how things will get done, he says it’s all about management. Skillful management contributed to the death of six million Jews.

Trump is a loose cannon.

Syracuse plays Georgetown tomorrow. A battle between former Big East foes. Syracuse/Georgetown games were always exciting and hard fought. Tomorrow should be interesting. The game is at 1 on FOX.

My weekly interview on KONK News takes place on local radio 104.9 at 12:15 today. Fifteen minutes of me answering questions and discussing this week’s KONK Life column The Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy your day!


Syracuse basketball is back! Love it!

Already won one game. Play St. Bonaventure tonight. These early games mean little. The big guys play the little guys in warm up games.

Soon Syracuse will be off to a tournament in the Bahamas. There they play against other competent teams. The tournament provides an early look at the quality of the team.

The Boeheim penalty phase begins with the ACC games. Boeheim is prohibited from coaching the first nine games. He has an appeal pending that may minimize the penalty.

It was back to the treadmill yesterday. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill. I was away a week. It felt good to be on the machine again. There were no problems. My shoulder/ribs held up.

Won something to do with the treadmill. The AlterG “PT of the Month” award.

Jenny is my physiotherapist. She mentioned that AlterG, the manufacturer of the anti-gravity treadmill, had a contest. Needed a letter from the patient as to why using the machine, what was expected to be accomplished, etc.

The competition a national one.

Jenny asked me to participate with her. I agreed. Told her to worry not. We would win.

I wrote about my inability to climb to the top of the Santorini volcano. Actually, a funny story.

The story did it. We won. Won what? A couple of tee shirts and something else. Plus, AlterG will be carrying my submission in its next blog. Together with pics of Jenny and me.

After the treadmill, I was off to Publix. In desperate need of groceries. Surprisingly, Publix was packed. Unusual for a monday.

Yesterday afternoon was spent preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics touched upon will include Hillary’s Wall St. comments, the Paris/Bataclan attack, federal government’s fining several major pharmaceuticals for wrongdoing, Germany’s immigration problems causing a member of Parliament to call for compulsory labor, some parts of this week’s KONK Life column including sexual pursuits of Caesar, Columbus, and Ben Franklin. Betsy Ross too, if I have time. Hers one of the most surprising.

Dinner last night at Goldman’s Deli. Desired a pastrami on rye sandwich.

I made a mistake yesterday. I stated voting age was 21. It is not. It is 18 and has been so for many years thanks to the 26th Amendment. What can I say? Sorry. Sometimes I get things wrong. I spend 30-35 hours a week researching and writing. I try to be accurate. Mistakes occur, however.

I thank the reader who brought the error to my attention.

Certain things are not within my job description. Running the country one. I must comment. I am extremely unhappy with Obama’s attitude and decision re taking on ISIS further. Brings to mind the late 1930s when many closed their eyes to German aggression hoping it would go away.

ISIS is not going away. They have to be destroyed. I am with those who think we will be fighting them on U.S. soil if we do not do more. Significantly more.

One of Key West’s loveliest ladies is Holly. Peter Diamond’s Holly. At the Gardens sunday night, she took me aside. She had an article she wanted me to read. Thought it was worthy of comment. Had to do with an unusual amount of seagrass running up onto Atlantic beaches the length of the U.S. She said she would get the article to me.

Her comments made me recall a recent news story that the upper end of Smathers Beach had seagrass out a distance into the ocean.

Researched the situation. The seagrass is called Sargassum. Also known as beach wrack. It is decaying seaweed. Smells like rotten eggs.

Interestingly, seabirds, crabs and certain type insects feed off the seaweed.

Its origination unknown. Some suspect the 2010 Horizon oil spill. The chemicals put into the water at the time.

The creatures that suffer the most are baby turtles. The hatchlings. They cannot reach the water. Confusion big time! Most die.

I am repetitive in the following regard: Key West loves Harry Truman and Harry Truman loved Key West. On this day in 1946, Truman arrived in Key West for his first vacation here. Glad he enjoyed Key West. He returned ten times more. His total time in Key West 175 days

Enjoy your day!