I must be brief this morning. An appointment for fasting blood work and other tests at 8:30.

Last night was the worst performance of a Syracuse basketball team that I can recall. Defeated by 33 points by St. John’s. 93-60.

Pure humiliation. I felt it. Don Teich texted me with a one word message: Humiliation!

I am sure Boeheim was embarrassed. I watched his post game interview. Took less than 5 minutes. He assumed full responsibility. The team did not execute, did not defend. Boeheim’s fabled zone defense was non-existent.

Boeheim said he “had to coach better.” Of the team, “they have to play better.”

The team played like a bunch of high schoolers. They could only lose.

Boeheim is a class act. A great coach. His record speaks for itself. He has three quality players on this season’s team. They did not look like quality players last night.

The team taken as an whole looked to me to be a bunch of scholarship kids putting in their time to justify the free ride. Nothing more.

I watched the game at Jack Flats with Larry and Marilyn Taylor from Owensboro, Kentucky. They own a home on Emma St. Snowbirds. Marilyn still working. Plans on retiring in July. Larry a retired school teacher.

I was getting cross eyed. Larry and Marilyn are Kentucky fans. Syracuse was on one screen. The next screen was the Kentucky game.

Enjoy your day!


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