When it wants, nature commands.

Very early yesterday morning, I stepped out onto my deck. I was amazed at the calm. There are many days when everything appears calm, but yet there is a slight movement in a palm leaf or something. Yesterday, no movement. Nothing at all.

Reminded me of Hurricane Georges. The night before was the same. Quiet. Peaceful. Absolutely nothing moving.

I learned back then the meaning of calm before the storm. Georges hit hard the next day. So too the storming yesterday afternoon and last night. Extremely heavy rain. Joined by thunder and lightning throughout the night.

Yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Continued with the 30 second fast thing. Increased the speed more than previously.

Then to Lee Nails and Tammy for a manicure and pedicure. Lee Nails amazes me. Tammy and her husband have built a huge following.

There was a break in the rain at dinner time. I decided on Hogfish. Mentally it seemed like the place to be after the rain. I was right. You could taste and smell the rain. All pleasant. Enjoyed my time at the bar.

I screwed up. I mentioned the other day that the Boat Parade was this saturday. Fortunately, I received many e-mails correcting me. The Boat Parade is a week from saturday. This saturday is the Christmas Parade. An event! Enjoy it somewhere along Truman.

Boeheim’s NCAA appeal has been decided. The only change was that the 9 game penalty begins saturday with the Georgetown game. Instead of at the beginning of the ACC season. A better result than before. Still sucks.

A raw deal for Boeheim. He had no direct tie to the charges. Which in and of themselves did not warrant the overall harshness of the original decision.

Few know the composition of and how the NCAA works. Worthy of a column at some point.

I have not been a fan of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for some time. They are a traditional group to the far right. Similar to the Protestant religious far right. The Bishops are generally in opposition to the changes Pope Francis is working to bring about.

The bishops recently met in Baltimore. Note that many did not show up for the scheduled meeting. Those present prepared a political document to guide Catholic voters.

The nerve of them! Priests belong in church preaching God’s word from the pulpit. Not in the public market place telling me and other Catholics how we should vote.

The bishops are way out of line.

Trump is beginning to get under my skin again. When asked how things will get done, he says it’s all about management. Skillful management contributed to the death of six million Jews.

Trump is a loose cannon.

Syracuse plays Georgetown tomorrow. A battle between former Big East foes. Syracuse/Georgetown games were always exciting and hard fought. Tomorrow should be interesting. The game is at 1 on FOX.

My weekly interview on KONK News takes place on local radio 104.9 at 12:15 today. Fifteen minutes of me answering questions and discussing this week’s KONK Life column The Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “THE NATURE OF THINGS

  1. “Trump is beginning to get under my skin again. When asked how things will get done, he says it’s all about management. Skillful management contributed to the death of six million Jews.”

    I agree, Louis, but Trump vocalized an observation recently, since the San Bernadino massacre, that may have some substance. When referring to Obama’s seemingly lack of comment or action regarding the radical Islamic movement, Trump said there is something going on with Obama that we don’t know about. That statement vocalized a point that’s been bugging me for a while and gave me a “gut feeling” that he is right. I’m sure there are a lot of things about Obama that we don’t know, and I don’t agree with or take much stock in most statements Trump makes. He is a loose cannon. But I have a “gut feeling” he is right on that point regarding the Islamic radicals and Obama’s lack of hard stance or personal comment on it. Scary.

    • “Trump is a loose cannon.”

      I agree he cannonballs are oddly shaped and fire off-target at times. I also agree that Obama seems reluctant to indict radical Islamic Terrorists for some reason when clearly we have a big worldwide problem with them.

      That said, we, the US, has a BIG gun problem we won’t deal with or talk straight about. The only western nation that can;pt get a grip on our mass murders and hundreds of millions of guns. For a recent example, the Republican Congress just voted down a requirement that people on the TSA “No Fly List” are ineligible to purchase firearms. I guess they are not safe to fly with us but they sure can buy that Uzi and head for the mall, WTF Republicans? Are they that sold-out to the NRA?

      • Apparently, the NRA has enough of the U.S. legislative body in their pockets to the degree that it’s not an issue for a few hundred innocent citizens going about their daily lives at holiday parties, prayer meetings and attending work and school to be gunned down for no good reason. Or that there are TSA employees who are actually on the “no fly” list (what???), but they can check our bags and bodies for guns, knives, water bottles, tweezers and box cutters and then go to the local gun dealer and buy guns and trek off to the local mall or school or church or business and slaughter people at their whimsy and without regard for even their own lives. Martyrs? That’s ridiculous and outrageous!

        But that’s okay because the talking heads in Washington (when they’re actually on the job there) are living large on the money and perks they get from the NRA and other big business lobbyists. It’s all about money, not the lives of the people who elected them to their cushy jobs. Who’s minding that store?

        WTF is right!

        • I could not agree with you more. Inside the DC beltway is a cesspool. And anyone outside of it is cannon fodder and fly-over.

  2. When asked how things will get done, he says it’s all about management. Skillful management contributed to the death of six million Jews.”

    He mentions skillful management and the first thought that comes to your mind is the death of six million jews?

  3. The cesspool inside the beltway ?

    Isn’t that why so many like a non politically correct breath of fresh air that speaks his mind ? Gaffs and all.

    Darn, I was going to take friends advice.

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