My eyes have never seen a better round of competitive golf. The final day of the British Open. Phil Mickelson and Henrik Stenson battling. Hole by hole. The match one stroke either way. The final three holes decided the event. Stenson won by three strokes.

Both made spectacular shots. Their putting outstanding. I have never seen better putting. Twenty to thirty feet like a one footer. Stenson sunk a 51 footer from off the green.

Viewing the round made for a very pleasant afternoon.

Last night, I started with Schooners. Bar only half full. Enjoyed a drink while watching the natives.

Then to Mark’s. The new hotel across the street. The Mark only has an out door bar. Poolside. A nice area. Packed with couples in the pool and on lounges.

I did not stay. There was no one over 30 years of age.

Walked across the street from Marks to the Waterfront Brewery. A good crowd. No room at the bar. I left.

It was across the street to Pepe’s. Been a year or two since I have eaten there. Sat at the bar. Chatted with the bartender. He used to work at the Chart Room one night a week. Chatted with two guys from Marathon who drove down for the day.

Enjoyed the barbecued chicken. Half a chicken. The meal to order when at Pepe’s.

The back of Pepe’s menu has an historical page. Pepe’s got its start in 1909. Then at 202 Duval. Pepe’s now on Caroline.

The page commented Truman used to stop at the Duval Pepe’s to have coffee and talk with the locals.

The page further made mention that the two popular songs in 1909 were By the Light of the Silvery Moon and Who’s Kissing Her Now. I could not understand how the songs were that old. I hum them on occasion to this day. Danced to both tunes in high school and college.

It was the movies! Both made during my school days. With big time stars. Doris Day in 1953 starred in By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Who’s Kissing Her Now starred June Haver in the 1947 movie. Many vocal artists in the 1950s and 1960s recorded the song. Ray Charles, Ernie Ford, Bobby Darin, Perry Como and Dean Martin.

Fantasy Fest came early this year. Last friday night. This morning’s Citizens’ Voice carries a comment by an individual who claims he saw topless body painted women at 5 in the afternoon on Duval.

William Hackley makes mention in his diary entry of this date in 1855 that Baby is well. God bless!

The Republican Convention begins today. A success or fiasco? Time will tell. Trump’s people indicate its nature will be showbiz.

Trump and Pence were interviewed last night on 60 Minutes. I saw excerpts this morning on TV. Trump looked like an ass and made Pence look equally erratic in the portions I saw.

More police officers killed by a black in Baton Rouge.

These black killings of police had to happen. They were inevitable. I warned two years ago they would come if the killings of blacks continued.

Never forget, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Violence begets violence. Blacks are saying…..Stop treading on us!

Security will be heavy at the Republican Convention. Likewise at the Democrat Convention. Police officers are coming from as far as California to assist. Who pays for all the security? You. The taxpayer. The federal government gives $50 million to each Convention for security purposes.

Rome burned this day in 64 AD. We are told Nero fiddled while Rome burned. He could not have fiddled. The fiddle did not exist at the time.

Enjoy your day!




Going to Greece. Not me. The bartender at Roostica. For a whole month. September.

I think her name is Sarah. I will be seeing her soon again and get it straight.

We chatted long about Greece last night. I ended up the last customer to leave. They were cleaning up when I left.

The first thing I am going to do is have her read the day by day blog account of my trips. Will tell her a lot she wants to know. She intends to island hop.

Started my evening last night at Aqua. The Dueling Bartenders. Tom Luna and Rich Dery. Rich dressed. Both bars packed. Always a good time.

The best part of the evening came as I arrived home. The July 4th concerts and fireworks on TV. I kept flipping the dial among Washington, Boston and New York.

Trump says many negatives about America. He dwells on the unhappiness of Americans. I could not see it on the faces of the thousands attending the three events. It was pride time!

Before going to the TV fireworks, I watched a while the Key West ones. Terrific! Shot off Knight Pier. Watched from my deck. A perfect view. Several years ago, Jenna joined me to view the fireworks from the deck. Two lounge chairs and a bottle of Dom Perignon.

I found Key West busy last night. The restaurants packed. That is why I ended up at Roostica. The crowd surprised me. Generally the last night of a holiday weekend is dead.

Worked on my blog radio show in the afternoon. Fine tuning today for this evening’s show. Interesting topics. Like Clinton Foundation misdeeds, Italy working on referendum re out of Euro Union in the Fall, 40 percent of monies U.S. pays out each year goes to pay interest on loans, Rudolph Murdoch and Newt Gingrich digging for oil on Golan Heights, who pays for booze and balloons at national political conventions, the birth of the bikini, a GMO baby in the works, and more.

Join me for a quick moving half hour. Not just news. My opinion always shared. You will disagree with some. Whatever, the show is interesting and revealing.

Nine my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. The show now has some national advertisers. Means the numbers are up. People are listening. People are enjoying.

Thank you.

I will never climb the Santorini volcano. My heart won’t permit it. The doctor told me last week the reason I easily tire is the cardiomyopathy discovered several years ago. An enlarged heart.

I corrected the problem. Gave up drinking for 1 1/2 years. My heart shrunk to normal size.

The problem is 30-40 percent of my heart is soft tissue as a result. Makes it harder to push blood through my heart when I exert myself.

I am paying for my past sins. No question, as ye sow so shall ye reap.

I have a 10:30 visit with my heart doctor this morning to verify the results.

Crocodiles in the news. The Florida and Keys ones. Hatching season similar to turtles. Mother croc buries her eggs in sand.

Crocs an endangered species in Florida. Down to 200-300 in 1970s. Now estimated at 1,700-2,000.

I fear crocs and alligators. An article I read said fear not crocs. No record of a croc death exists in the U.S. Only one of a bite.

Still scare me!

God bless the French! A French designer Louis Reard introduced to the world on this day in 1946 the bikini. First time! Men and women alike have benefited. Men like to look. Women who wear bikinis happy with them.

Enjoy your day!




Syracuse basketball is back! Love it!

Already won one game. Play St. Bonaventure tonight. These early games mean little. The big guys play the little guys in warm up games.

Soon Syracuse will be off to a tournament in the Bahamas. There they play against other competent teams. The tournament provides an early look at the quality of the team.

The Boeheim penalty phase begins with the ACC games. Boeheim is prohibited from coaching the first nine games. He has an appeal pending that may minimize the penalty.

It was back to the treadmill yesterday. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill. I was away a week. It felt good to be on the machine again. There were no problems. My shoulder/ribs held up.

Won something to do with the treadmill. The AlterG “PT of the Month” award.

Jenny is my physiotherapist. She mentioned that AlterG, the manufacturer of the anti-gravity treadmill, had a contest. Needed a letter from the patient as to why using the machine, what was expected to be accomplished, etc.

The competition a national one.

Jenny asked me to participate with her. I agreed. Told her to worry not. We would win.

I wrote about my inability to climb to the top of the Santorini volcano. Actually, a funny story.

The story did it. We won. Won what? A couple of tee shirts and something else. Plus, AlterG will be carrying my submission in its next blog. Together with pics of Jenny and me.

After the treadmill, I was off to Publix. In desperate need of groceries. Surprisingly, Publix was packed. Unusual for a monday.

Yesterday afternoon was spent preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics touched upon will include Hillary’s Wall St. comments, the Paris/Bataclan attack, federal government’s fining several major pharmaceuticals for wrongdoing, Germany’s immigration problems causing a member of Parliament to call for compulsory labor, some parts of this week’s KONK Life column including sexual pursuits of Caesar, Columbus, and Ben Franklin. Betsy Ross too, if I have time. Hers one of the most surprising.

Dinner last night at Goldman’s Deli. Desired a pastrami on rye sandwich.

I made a mistake yesterday. I stated voting age was 21. It is not. It is 18 and has been so for many years thanks to the 26th Amendment. What can I say? Sorry. Sometimes I get things wrong. I spend 30-35 hours a week researching and writing. I try to be accurate. Mistakes occur, however.

I thank the reader who brought the error to my attention.

Certain things are not within my job description. Running the country one. I must comment. I am extremely unhappy with Obama’s attitude and decision re taking on ISIS further. Brings to mind the late 1930s when many closed their eyes to German aggression hoping it would go away.

ISIS is not going away. They have to be destroyed. I am with those who think we will be fighting them on U.S. soil if we do not do more. Significantly more.

One of Key West’s loveliest ladies is Holly. Peter Diamond’s Holly. At the Gardens sunday night, she took me aside. She had an article she wanted me to read. Thought it was worthy of comment. Had to do with an unusual amount of seagrass running up onto Atlantic beaches the length of the U.S. She said she would get the article to me.

Her comments made me recall a recent news story that the upper end of Smathers Beach had seagrass out a distance into the ocean.

Researched the situation. The seagrass is called Sargassum. Also known as beach wrack. It is decaying seaweed. Smells like rotten eggs.

Interestingly, seabirds, crabs and certain type insects feed off the seaweed.

Its origination unknown. Some suspect the 2010 Horizon oil spill. The chemicals put into the water at the time.

The creatures that suffer the most are baby turtles. The hatchlings. They cannot reach the water. Confusion big time! Most die.

I am repetitive in the following regard: Key West loves Harry Truman and Harry Truman loved Key West. On this day in 1946, Truman arrived in Key West for his first vacation here. Glad he enjoyed Key West. He returned ten times more. His total time in Key West 175 days

Enjoy your day!