I have never seen police cheered. Watertown last night was a first. Even during 9/11 there was not a similar reaction.

The only other time I can recall cheering in the streets similar to last night was in World War II.  On VE Day and VJ Day. My recollection is clear of people pouring out of their homes and cheering in the streets. Not for police, but for the event. The cheering was the same however.

I thought my back was getting better. Ergo, I did not take the pain pill last night that helps me sleep. I apparently needed it. I did not fall asleep till 4 this morning.

I am trying to get off the pain killers. It may not be time yet. I hurt this morning.

My back kept me in last night once more. Hopefully, I will be into Key West tonight. I think a couple of gins would help better than anything else. Another reason I am getting off the pain killers.

Key West weather continues to be perfect. Mid 80s by day. A clear sky. A slight breeze. And humid. Not bad yet. Need air conditioning, however. I am doing this blog at the kitchen counter with the doors to the deck and ocean open. It is 8:45. The temperature in my kitchen is 81 degrees. I fight air conditioning.

Today is Earth Day. Big doings in the Keys. Turtles getting a big play. Many children’s activities involving turtles. There are beach clean-ups planned and a mediation walk at Higgs Beach in addition.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I sat in pain. Did the show in pain. I do not know if it was obvious.

Viewers commented most about designer vaginas and tittoos. The last word is spelled correctly.

Yesterday’s show is being rerun by the television studio today at 4:30. If you missed it yesterday, you might want to watch it today. You will be able then to get the full flavor. The show is also being rerun sunday at 3 and wednesday at 6. Via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is now also You Tubed. The You Tube show runs one week behind. However, they are all there.

Whew! Glad I have finished. My back continues to bother me. I am off to bed.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Yup, this time the police deserved it. Unfortunately, their fraternity has been disgraced by many instances of bad behavior. And, the suspicion in the Left, Right, and Libertarians that there is a systematic component to the abuse of civil liberties. Either encouraged, not discouraged, or winked at by the politicians and bureaucrats. Add to that the Gooferment employee pension abuses and it’s no wonder they are not more widely esteemed. Their popularity is probably above Congress, the President, most politicians and bureaucrats, lawyers, bankers, brokers, and used car salesmen. Well, maybe not used car salesmen; they are at least “honest” thieves.

    • I have to somewhat disagree with Jasper that law enforcement in general has been totally disgraced by corruption. Depending on the list or poll, the job of police officer is held in generally high regard by the public in addition to firefighters, doctors, nurses, the military, etc. I call these the “Jobs that directly help people survive.” Not unexpectantly, actors who “play” being the real thing didn’t rank very highly in esteem, only pay due to their advertising draw.

      Most cops, like most soldiers and firefighters and doctors are decent people risking their lives for others. A truly noble undertaking. I especially think of the young MIT police officer murdered by the duo maniacs in Cambridge. Yes, some firefighters start fires, some doctors abuse patients and some soldiers commit massacres but they are always the exception.

      People applauded the police yesterday as one realizes that when it really does “hit the fan” and you dial 911 there is a posse enroute to bail your ass out.

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