Friday again. The days move swiftly. The weeks pile up.

This morning…..The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Watch on the internet. Ten this morning my time. World wide.

I spent part of my yesterday fine tuning today’s show. Interesting topics. Some challenging. Like a comparison of the shortcomings of the Presidential candidates, Mc Nabb to be a sports announcer, Isaac and rats on Mississippi beaches, Isaac and a turtle story, the end of World War II, a Crusade battle, Orthodox Jewish circumcision and herpes, the woman with non stop orgasms, another example of a sick society, and more.

Hopefully you will have time to join me.

The other part of my day was spent working on trip photos. What a labor! Of love, of course. But when will it end? I took too many pictures.

Bocce last night. We won 2 of 3 games. It was a strange evening. We won the first game 16-0. Can’t do better than that! We were beat in the second game 16-2. You figure! We won the last game 16-7.

I hurried home after bocce. No Don’s Place for me. I wanted to watch Obama and Biden.

I enjoyed both of their speeches.

Evaluating the conventions, the trophy for form and substance has to go to the Democrats. Whether it will make any difference, remains to be seen.

The humidity was heavy yesterday. I can see from this morning that it will be heavy today, also. Knocks you on your ass if you stay out in it too long.

Enjoy your day!


    • I don’t think they are Rick, brainwashed. Schiff is a big Ron Paul supporter and Libertarian and has good ideas generally. I would like to see the corporate big money banned from politics just as I would all union and special interest money so we can have more equitable elections allowing a little guy a chance such as Ron or maybe Rand. But banning corporate profits and mandating certain wages beyond the minimum? Insane and a way to go broke.

      In my book both parties have fielded terrible candidates again and that will not bode well for our future no matter who is elected. Don’t forget that it is the donkeys and elephants who have been in charge for so long that every economic screw-up is all theirs. We need a REAL change but I fear short of total collapse we will not easily get it.

  1. Marty (the other one), I and probably the majority of Americans totally agree with you . When is it time to put our interests first ??

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