The Tulsa Race Massacre began the evening of May 31, 1921. Thousands of white citizens descended on the predominantly Black Greenwood District, burned homes and businesses, and killed hundreds of people. The tragedy lasted two days. Stands as one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. history.

The “cause” lacked validity. In due course, determined not to be true. The alleged cause was a 19 year old black boy was getting on an elevator operated by a 17 year old white girl. He stubbed his toe and was falling. He reached out and grabbed the white girl’s arm. She screamed.

The scream turned into a rape attempt/a rape. The “attack” spread rapidly.

The rape incident was not true. The girl supported its invalidity. The boy was never formally charged. Too late, however. The damage was done.

Twelve horses have died at Churchill Downs the past five weeks. 

Horse racing regulatory officials held an emergency summit yesterday in Lexington re the problem. FINALLY.

Seven of the horses suffered injuries between April 27 and the May 6 Kentucky Derby. The last two deaths occurred over the Memorial Day weekend.

To fully appreciate the effect of COVID, consider the number who died. Approximately 1.1 million Americans. Almost as many Americans who died in all our wars beginning with the Revolutionary War.

I have not had to name a new born baby in over 60 years. Came across a list of most popular baby names in 2022. Surprising! Most popular male, Liam. Female, Olivia.

Two well known and respected Americans celebrate birthdays today. Clint Eastwood is 93, Joe Namath 80. Their performances memorable.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “TULSA RACE MASSACRE

  1. Hey Lou, what do you bet the problem with all those race horses turns ut to be connected to some sort of corruption or greed. Wrong doing in our American society is endemic, nowadays!

  2. That 1.1 Million deaths from Covid figure is just not reliable. Many states (most RED states) fudged their records. Florida was notorious for that, not reporting ANY in some counties and removing (and prosecuting) officials who did.

    Florida alone likely approached a million on it’s own!

    Just another shameful part of our history.

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