Atlantic Shores closed 16 years ago. It was today or tomorrow 2007. In spite of an official closing date, it ran through the next sunday.

No one wanted to let it go.

The closing a shame. Atlantic Shores was a crazy fun place where people could get naked around the pool by day. Clothing optional. More naked than clothed. Women generally topless at the least. Many bare assed. Men hesitant to show it all. Few went naked. I was one who was reluctant to shred by shorts or bathing suit. What can I say!

I was a steady customer. Almost every day beginning at lunch time. The voyeur in me would not be denied. The women were magnificent!

Even the food was good. Great grouper sandwiches.

The mix local and tourist, straight and gay.

I made a ton of friends. Some friends to this day.

There has never been a similar place in Key West since Atlantic Shores closed. An institution disappeared never to return.

I found comparable in Greece. On Santorini. Though nudity was common place, there were two beaches that one might say specialized in the atmosphere. Ninety five percent of the people bare ass by day at the beach itself.. Five o’clock was kick off time. Two huge restaurant bars in the rear. Both similar. Half moon in design. Beginning at 5, they were dancing on the bars!

We never danced on the bars at Atlantic Shores.

Casa Marina is closed for renovations. A complete makeover.

The grande dame of Key West opened in 1920. It was commissioned by railroad tycoon Henry Flagler.

The renovation is expected to take 6 months.

This is the third such renovation in the 30 yeas I have experienced Key West. One other was a planned for renovation. The other the result of extensive hurricane damage. I forget the name of the hurricane. Did a number on the hotel. First floor totally flooded. Tall palm trees on the beach blown away. All replaced. I watched some of it. Impressive. Palm trees full grown were lifted by crane in the front parking lot, lifted over the building, and placed in ready made holes lining the beach.

Gay Floridians are leaving in droves. Reflective of the situation is many Pride groups are canceling month long celebrations as multiple anti-LGBTQ bills continue hitting the State legislature. The LGBTQ community is fearful of repercussions.

Suggest you read “Gay Floridians Are Leaving In Droves, Says Pride Organizer” in today’s Daily Beast.

As I have written a few times, Key West has fewer gay residents. I believe economics has more to do with it than DeSantis does.

My Catholic upbringing compels me to share this story.

I was led to believe a non decomposed body was a sign of sainthood.

Sister Wilhelmina, Gower, Missouri, was buried in 2019 without embalming. She was exhumed last month. Her body and attire intact. Extremely little decomposition.

Sister Wilhelmina was a nun in the Order of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.

Catholic Church rules require 5 years to pass before sainthood can be entertained.

On this day in 1431, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy.

An example of a screwed up Catholic Church 1,000 years ago. The Catholic Church still screwed up, though fortunately not burning people at the stake any longer.

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  1. Gay’s and other weirdo’s (trans and Democrats) LEAVING or not comming to Florida is EXACTLY what the majority of what the good people of Florida WANT.

    DeSamtis is winning, Florida is Winning

    • Essentially, DeSantis is turning the State of Florida into one big HOA, with specific rules and regulations for everybody.

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