I’m alive. It was the computer.

Whenever I miss a day or two, there is a great concern I am ill. Correct most times. T’was not the case the past few days. The computer was down. I could not fix it. Sloan was in Costa Rica. She returned. It is now operating.

I am not as inept as it may sound. I can figure out simple problems. I did in this case, but screwed up fixing it.

I changed the batteries in the keyboard. Such was the problem, though I was not aware of it at the time. The first thing Sloan checked were the batteries. I told her not the problem. They were new. I put them in thinking it was the problem. The batteries turned out to be the immediate problem, however. I put them in backwards.

That’s why I pay Sloan the big dollars!

I am going to ramble today as I catch up.

Ally graduated friday night. My youngest grandchild is now a woman. She will be 18 in a couple of weeks. August will find her at Florida State. A new world is opening to her.

Theos had the Jack Baron framed in Greece. Sent me a photo. Looks great! A frame adds to a painting. This is a new frame. Adds a bit extra to Jack’s original. The painting is going to sit in Theo’s home in Greece.

Theos painting

Enjoyed breakfast friday morning at Harpoon Harry’s. The crowd bigger because of the holiday weekend. However, not overly. Key West has returned to normal. The country came to Key West during COVID and even last year. The “season” disappeared. It was season all year long. 

We are now back to normal. The season definitely over. Fewer people even for Memorial Day Weekend. I like it. I am a 10 minute drive from anywhere rather than 20-30 minutes.

I mentioned it to Lori thursday when I got my haircut. Mentioned she probably did not like it because her volume was obviously off. She said, no way! I need time to take it easy, also. In  addition, her drive in from her home in Summerland Key and getting around Key West so much easier. She’s a happy camper!

My weight during the past year has dropped 18 pounds. Not because of illness or exercise. I once more have abandoned the stationery bicycle. I am eating less. And because I am aware it is helping my weight go down, I am eating less of the less.

I bought some new sport shirts last year. Now too big. I need to order another batch one size down. Not that many, however. I still have some of the ones I outgrew.

Too much happiness coming out of the Republican House in Washington. McCarthy is happy and gloating. Like he made whatever had to be done get done. The man of the moment!

An agreement in principle. Will it be accepted? Between Biden a sincere man and McCarthy a conniver and manipulator.

I will not believe there is a deal till it is signed, sealed and delivered. I trust not the MAGA Republicans. McCarthy has no control over the House. I assume Biden has some way to get the problem resolved if the Republicans back off. He is too savvy not to.

Trump is corrupt. Also un-American. He mentioned this week that when reelected, he was going to pardon all those convicted for alleged January 6 violations. Not to be outdone, DeSantis announced the next day he was so inclined also. DeSantis went a step further yesterday. He said he would also pardon Trump.

Two “sick” guys!

We are in the midst of the Memorial Day Weekend. Neither understands nor appreciates what the day symbolizes. Why we celebrate it. Birds of a feather.

Appears Trump may be headed for serious bad days re the classified documents.

I have mentioned at least two times in the past my concern that Trump may have retained the documents because he had or was trying to sell or benefit in some fashion by their contents. His track record re honesty speaks for itself. Curious to see if I am correct.

Henry Kissinger was 100 years old yesterday. God bless the man!

One of America’s most distinguished diplomats. Especially during the 1960’s and 1970’s. His opinion is still sought and valued today. 

Enjoy the weekend!






  1. I agree with you Lou that the agreement Biden has made with McCarthy isn’t going to mean much. Wackos own the party and McCarthy really has no control or real say on on this “agreement.”

    Republicans today are nutjobs and only interested in power and making everyone else look bad. This thing won’t hold and America will be held hostage for the benefit of this dangerous minority.

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