Jimmy Buffett has been released from the hospital. Marching orders are he is to relax for a while. Plans following the rest and relax regimen include a fishing trip with old friends. Then some paddling and sailing. Finally back in shape doing what he likes best – performing.

Stay healthy, Jimmy. Key West worries about you. Always.

Cause of his hospitalization not disclosed.

Another shark bite victim.

Incident occurred friday night at 8 o’clock at a dock on Summerland Key. A 35 year old man was fishing off his dock. Caught what turned out to be a shark. Brought it in to the dock. As he was pulling it out of the water, it bit the fisherman.

He was helicoptered to a Miami hospital. The bite was non-life threatening. 

This is the second shark attack in the lower Keys in less than a week. Shark attacks are on the upswing in the Keys this past year.

The Keys Citizen is changing its publication days beginning June 6. Starting that day, the paper will be published tuesday, thursday and saturday. 

I sense no benefit to the reading public in the change. Nor any enlargement of the paper.

Speaker McCarthy’s “optimism” re the debt talks with Biden scare me. He is a man without true power. He lacks clout among those he represents. He “controls nothing.” I fear his MAGA House members will screw him, Biden and the country.

Bess Levin in a Vanity Fair article 5/22 commented on what a Trump second term would be like. The article titled: Donald Trump, In A Second Term, Wants To “Control…..Every Facet Of Life In America.”

Levin wrote: “If you thought the guy went full authoritarian in his first term, just wait for round two. His plans are pants-pissing terrifying.”

Carmelo Anthony has retired. The Syracuse University and professional basketball player announced his retirement from the NBA after 19 seasons.

One of the greats. He led Syracuse to an NCAA championship as a freshman.

He retires from NBA ball as the #9 ranked highest scorer in league history, having scored 28,289 points.  He averaged 22.5 points per game in his 19 seasons. His years in pro ball were spent primarily with Denver and the New York Knicks.

His coach at Syracuse was the now retired Jim Boeheim who tweeted a “welcome to retirement” message to his former star: “I am honored to have been part of your legendary career, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou – Is the Republican Party under any legal obligation to run Donald Trump as their candidate?

    or can they just ignor his “application?”

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