Happy monday morning!

The national debt is $31 trillion. The debt experienced an explosive rise while Trump was Presidnet. $7.8 trillion. Twenty five percent of the national debt. All done in his 4 years as President.

Biden no competition for Trump where the national debt is concerned.

DeSantis wins again! The NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida. Says Florida “has become hostile to Black Americans.”

A new question for the week re DeSantis.: Who’s paying for all his private flights? For a guy with a reported net worth  of just over $300,000, the Florida governor travels in style.

His campaign finance reports, flight tracking data base and corporate records reveal 55 “wealthy, most Florida based contributors and donors” have financed DeSantis’ private air travel. His system simple. Some lobbyists and donors say they have “become accustomed to calls from the Governor’s political aides asking ‘for planes.'”

Tracey Vanderhulst is a 38 year old California math teacher who once was named Teacher of the Year. She was arrested thursday for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 16 year old male student. Police believe there may be more sexually abused students for whom she will  also be charged.

The final round of the PGA yesterday was played as a major tournament should. The sun was shining. No rain. The prowess of the players permitted. A good day for golf!

Brooks Koepka won. His third PGA victory and fifth major overall. All by the age of 34.

His purse $3.15 million.

There were two heroes. Not the usual one alone. The other was a teaching golf professional. Not the usual tournament player. His name Michael Block. A limited number of PGA club pros are allowed entry. Rarely do any exceed. Block did over the 4 days. He was the “hero” during the tournament. Fans cheered him along the way. He was somewhere around the top 10 constantly.

He finished the tournament in 15th place. His playing partner in the final round was Rory McIlroy. By finishing in the top 15, he gets to play in the PGA next year again.

Even more exciting, he got a hole in one yesterday on the 15th hole. The ball went in on the fly. Did not even hit the pin. The crowd went wild!

He even made some money. He earned $288,333. 

What a day for America’s newest hero!

Block is no kid. He is 46. His victory caused him to cry several times.

A quiet weekend for me. Never left the house. Watched golf, old movies and napped. Have to push myself to get out today.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Republicans raised the national debt without any problem or concern 3 times when Trump was president.

    Their only interest is in disruption and trying to make Joe Biden look bad, they don’t car about America, or American people, They only care about being in power and home they can enrich themselves and their friends.

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