Clarence Thomas is a black man who wanted to be white. He achieved his goal in every respect possible.

His wife is white. He became a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. His close friends are successful white men. He has become rich directly and indirectly. He sits in a position of power and authority where he can bestow favors on friends and persons who have been beneficial to him. His decisions are not those of a person seeking to address the plight of blacks or the poor. Rather those supportive of an affluent white America.

Except for changing his body color, the man has achieved his goal in every respect. So much so he is a detriment and danger to the people of the United States.

One other thing. He lied his way up the first rung of the ladder. I have always believed he lied at his Senate confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee in 1991 re Anita Hill. I thought it as I watched the proceedings on TV then and have not deviated in that belief since. I have previously written to that effect.

His decisions for 32 years have been increasingly conservative. To the extreme. The most recent his concurring decision in Sackett v. EPA decided thursday by the Supreme Court. The decision placed new limits on the Clean Water Act. Sackett will do serious harm to the government’s ability to quell water pollution.

Thomas’s concurring decision goes miles further in suggesting how Sacket forms the basis for deregulating the government and stripping many protections and benefits from the American people.

Ian Millhiser is a Supreme Court analyst and columnist. He wrote in VOX a detailed column about Thomas’ concurring opinion and the dangers carried within it. The article: Clarence Thomas’s Newest Opinion Would Literally Bring Back Child Labor. Published 5/26/23. The article’s opening statement: “Some Supreme Court Justices just want to watch the world burn.” I recommend its reading.

Thomas’ concurring opinion clearly indicates his thought power on severely limiting Congress’ power to legislate. The result if Thomas’ thoughts become law would be to throw out several volumes of the U.S. Code. Most protective measures.

Gorsuch came out of the shadows and joined in Thomas’ perverted thinking by joining in the Thomas opinion.

Thomas’ opinion lays the groundwork for the Court, if it is so inclined, to do future harm. Drastic harm. Like declaring the ban on child labor unconstitutional. Also, outlawing the minimum wage law, federal laws protecting the right to unionize, bans on workplace discrimination, and nearly all laws re workplace regulations.

Even more. Like rules requiring health insurance to cover people with preexisting conditions and the banning of white-only lunch counters.

Thomas concurring opinion in effect lays the ground work for how to sabotage the U.S. government.

The Thomas opinion is an attack on what he calls “New Deal era conceptions of bogus commerce powers.” He relies on precedent. The case of Hammer v. Dagenhart decided in 1918. An infamous and long ago overruled decision. 

Millhiser writes the Thomas opinion “reflects little regard for the people of the U.S.” His opinion “would wipe away many of the foundations of our modern day society and scoff at the consequences.”

My bottom line opinion is it is time for Thomas to go! He must be removed from the Supreme Court. Not an easy task. Nevertheless, definitely required. He is a constant danger to established law which is considered the American way of life and which this nation is now fighting to retain.

Enjoy Memorial Day! Recall what men and women died for to protect American values. The very values many today seek to strip us of. Do not say could not happen. Keep in mind Roe v. Wade.


One comment on “HE WANTED TO BE WHITE

  1. Although I don’t disagree with you that Clarence Thomas should be removed from the Supreme Court (on Merit), he’s hardly the only problem.

    Kavanaugh got there under false pretenses and

    .and Barrett is a proven zealot who is obviously swayed by her religious beliefs.

    Clarence Thomas is just old fashioned corrupt!

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