Jimmy Buffett is in a hospital in Boston. A surprise hospitalization. He stopped in for a scheduled check-up. Hospitalized immediately. An issue was discovered that required immediate attention.

Buffett is 76. He joked, I agree: “Growing old is not for sissies, I promise you.”

Don’t I know! It doesn’t get any better as the years add on.  At 87, I have learned that each year brings new and additional problems. Thank God for the medical profession!

Last year it was ankle swelling for 7 months. Took that long to resolve. Pain horrible.

A couple of weeks ago, I began my annual series of physical check-ups. Felt good. Not good. I have had heart problems for 20 years. Watched and regulated. Recent physical showed serious progression. I am into my third week of doctor visits and tests. Still ongoing. Tests to determine what to do. Surgery, no surgery.

Hang in there Jimmy! You’ll make it. Keep doctoring. No choice, but will keep you alive and doing what you enjoy most…..performing. Keep taking the pills they prescribe. They grow in number. I now take 13 a day. Happy to be down to 13. For a while, it was 17.

Jim Brown died. He was 87. Makes me a bit nervous. I am 87.

I have always been a fan. Brown a Syracuse University student 1954-56. One of SU’s outstanding athletes. One of America’s football greats. One of the greatest running backs ever collegiately and professionally.

At Syracuse, Brown was  an All American. Then a first round sixth pick in the NFL draft. A Hall of Famer.

He excelled in other sports also while at Syracuse. A multi-sport athlete: Football, lacrosse, basketball and track.

All American and Hall of Famer in lacrosse. He dominated the game. Rules were changed to overcome his prowess. An example of such a rule change resulted in a player being required to keep his stick in constant motion when carrying the ball (instead of holding it close to his body).

He was the second highest scorer in his SU sophomore year on the basketball team.

Brown became a movie actor at some point. Appeared in more than 50 films. Films included The Dirty Dozen, The Split, Ice Station Zebra, 100 Rifles, and The Running Man.

He was involved in all sorts of things. Posing an example. In a 1974 issue of Playgirl magazine, he was shown nude. He permitted a full frontal nude picture.

In 2002, the Sporting News elected Brown the greatest football player of all time. In 2020, ESPN named him the greatest college football player of all time.

May he rest in peace.

The debt ceiling problem continues to concern me. The House Republicans cannot be trusted. Nor can Trump. Her issued a tweet yesterday telling the Republicans  not to give an inch.

Prince Harry and Meghan. I was right in questioning the paparazzi chase in New York City. Turns out it was manufactured and over emphasized. Reported to have been “mildly preposterous.”

No wonder the English are not happy with Harry and Meghan. Such claims/games don’t fly in the U.S. Keep it up and they’ll have to find another country to live in.

Nebraska Republican legislators voted to restrict abortion and transgender care for minors. The Governor says he will sign the bill.

Under the bill, abortions are limited to 12 weeks. Care for transgender children are slapped with all kinds of restrictions. Makes me wonder how the legislators find it proper to prohibit/limit care for children. Christians they are not.

Rory McIlroy has not played well in the last 2 tournaments he competed. He is not playing anywhere near his best in the PGA. 

He reported yesterday he is not feeling well. Not an excuse. He is a class act. However, he is concerned about his health. He wears some sort of medical device that tells him when certain of his body are not functioning properly. He reported last night his numbers are off indicating a problem. However no problem has manifested itself as yet.

He made the PGA cut. Lets see what happens in the next 2 days both with his play and monitor readings.

A message to our Florida elected legislators. Today’s Citizens’ Voice: “Actually, what is more sad is that some people are so sanctimonious that they feel it is proper to pass judgment on how parents choose to raise their very own children, without even knowing them. How about you raise your children and let others raise theirs.”

DeSantis says he wants to make America like Florida. Lord help the USA! He has screwed Florida up big time.

While getting a pedicure yesterday, Bobby Mongelli walked into Lee Nails. His wife and daughters are customers and he was delivering to one of the manicurists a large bag of fresh strawberries. Bobby has maintained a garden for years where he grows fruits and vegetables.

He came over to say hello and chat a bit. Told me his wife has been after him for years to get pedicures. He says his feet hurt and she claims they will feel better if he treats them with pedicures on a frequent basis. I told him I agreed, have been getting pedicures for more than 40 years.

Having seen me enjoying a pedicure, he may now feel it is not unmanly and get one.

The Preakness today. Forte will not be running. Rules require a horse that is withdrawn from the Kentucky Derby for health reasons must wait 2 weeks before running again. The 2 weeks ends today. Rules prohibit Forte from running.

Boys Night Out Reiley McDonald  owns a piece of Forte. I’m sure he is disappointed that the best horse that did not win the Kentucky Derby will also not win the Preakness.

There’s always the Belmont!

Enjoy your day!


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