Ron, you’re coming out a complete failure! Great job! It unquestionably helped make you better known to the American public. The last person this country needs as President.

Musk is doing well with Twitter. Destroying Twitter.. You did well with Twitter, also. The show/your performance contributed vastly to making America further aware you are not the man for the job!

Twenty minutes late! Great opening. If you can’t get your announcement to run timely, how can you run the government?

The whole purpose of a Presidential announcement is to get attention. DeSantis, you got it last night. Negative attention! The screw up was prime time news afterwards and this morning.

Three hundred thousand listeners is nothing to brag about.               

The servers crashed. So they say. Understandable. Musk’s people should have been aware of the possibility. The crash does not speak well for Twitter, Musk or DeSantis.

DeSantis is ruining Florida. He does not seem aware. Florida is going down the tubes. His popularity will reflect the same in his next gubernatorial race. It will not show in a Presidential race because he will not be the Republican candidate.

Price gouging by military contractors is skyrocketing. They are taking advantage of the need for planes, submarines and missiles because of the Ukraine and Taiwan problems.

The gouging is out of hand. The Department of Defense and Congress must become more aggressive in dealing with it. Especially Congress. Congress should get off their asses and do something. Like putting America first and their pocketbooks second.

God is good! What follows a perfect example.

A paralyzed man now walks because of a device that connects his brain and spinal cord. All the man has to do is think he is walking and he walks! That simple! Amazing!

Gert-Jan Oskam, now 40, was paralyzed 12 years ago. Legs totally paralyzed, arms partially. The spinal cord in his neck had been damaged in an accident.

He now walks with connective electrodes in his brain and spinal cord which makes his body walk when he thinks walking. 

Recall Amanda Gorman. The lovely black college student who delivered a poem at Biden’s inauguration. Her poem has been banned at a Miami-Dade elementary school library. Its reading limited to middle school.

The poem part of the book authored by Gorman titled “The Hill We Climb.” The objectionable words: “Somehow, we’ve weathered and witnessed / A nation that isn’t broken but simply unfinished.” The complainant one woman. A mother of 2 children in the school. Daily Salinas complained it suggested violence. She also thought Oprah Winfrey wrote the poem.

Salinas has ties to Proud Boys and Moms For Liberty. She is also an avid DeSantis supporter.

What bullshit! What a waste! Ban guns, not books. Especially not Amanda Gorman’s fine work.

When I was practicing law in Utica, I needed to do some deep historical research on an issue. Went to the local library and took out several books. Kept them for 3 months, 2 more than the permitted 1 month. I returned the books on a monday evening when the library was open. Crowded. I waited in line. Knew I had to pay a fine.

The librarian was a tiny distinguished elderly matron. Metal rimmed glasses sitting on the tip of her nose. When my turn came, she loudly berated me for being late. It was embarrassing. I quietly accepted my punishment, paid the fine and left.

Never returned again.

What the librarian did not know and I did not mention was the money I had raised for the library over the years. Big dollars. The library could not have remained open without the monies raised. She would not have had the job.

As I was walking out the door I could not help but laugh to myself. The whole situation was amusing. I deserved what I got. And yes, I did continue to raise money for the library and I’m sure the little old lady never knew.

Which brings me to a late book return to another library. The St. Helena Public Library in California. Ninety six years late.

The book was A history of the United States by Benson Lossing. Due to be returned February 21, 1927.

The fine? No fine. The library had ceased charging for overdue books in 2019. Had the nickel a day fine still been in effect, the charge would have been $1,756.

Hurricane season close, but not here yet. Nevertheless, a pre-season hurricane may hit South Carolina this weekend as a tropical storm.

There was a comment by a Miss Kitty in the Miami Herald yesterday: “God help me! Some women will have to dress in long skirts and aren’t allowed to work, just have babies that they can’t abort.”

You never know.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, your recounting of that overdue library book, all those years ago was wonderful.

    I can’t help thinking about how good decent people and their acts of difficult encounter can be. A liberal America is a good place to be. If you were a republican and that happened today, you would likely have shop up the place with your azzalt rifle and killed that librarian. Furthermore, you would have been acquitted of wrong doing in court for having done so.

    The wackos have taken over and are truly ruining our once great country.

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