In an interview with the Associated Press, Pope Francis criticized laws criminalizing homosexuality and called on bishops to welcome LGBTQ people. Francis said, “Homosexuality is not a crime, we’re all children of God.”

I knew little of Ticketmaster prior to its fiasco here in Key West with ticket sales for the Jimmy Buffett event. What I am learning is an eye opener.

Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company whose business is world wide.

I wrote yesterday how horrible the price of the Buffet tickets have become. Prices shooting up like a rocket to the moon.

Turns out yesterday the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a 3 hour hearing re Ticketmaster and Live Nation the company it merged with in 2010. The purpose of the hearing was to examine Ticketmaster’s selling methods in the wake of last year’s Taylor Swift debacle.

The hearing was bipartisan. Truly so. Been years since any hearing can be described as such. Such reflects how sensitive and horrific Ticketmaster’s actions are considered. Senators from both sides were highly critical of Ticketmaster, suggesting it is a monopoly and probed whether a lack of competition in the ticketing industry had unfairly hurt customers.

The questioning was “blistering.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Ticketmaster’s merger partner Live Nation had “absolutely unified both parties.” Something most have thought would never happen again.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice had 2 comments relating to Ticketmaster.

“How do these new music festivals during peak season, when hotels would be full anyway, benefit anyone but the organizer? Instead of taking tours, visiting local bars, music venues and restaurants, they are at the Amphitheater. Without the event, hotels would still be full and local businesses making money.”

“Coffee Butler Amphitheater is owned by the City of Key West and managed by Rams Head. The City needs to amend the management contract and direct Rams Head to sell tickets first to the residents of Key West (who own the venue) and then a day or two later can sell the remaining tickets.”

Key Westers are properly upset. The Jimmy Buffett show a screw job and rip off.

When the amphitheater was in the planning stage, many questioned the value of one. Did Key West need one? Especially large enough to handle an attendance of 3,500. Greed took over. At which point the amphitheater was made to look like the second coming of Christ.

Ben Harrison’s new musical showcases an all star band. Harrison’s event “El Isleno 1921: The Untold Key West Story” runs at the Fringe Theater 2/15-2/25. Local buzz is to the effect the show is exceptional. Opening night is already sold out.

Money floating in Keys waters!

Yesterday, 140 pounds of cocaine washed up on Lower Keys shores. Estimated value $2 million.

Discovery of documents remind me of the religious song Onward Christian Soldiers. They keep popping up. Always more. Never ending.

First it was Trump. Then Biden. Yesterday Pence. This morning Carter. Carter returned them immediately and apparently nothing intentional was involved.

Who is next?

I can see Obama, Bush, etc. All of them!

The problem, except for Trump, appears to be innocent mistake. Except for Trump, all others returned on discovery.

Germany has agreed to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Word is Biden will announce at noon today the U.S. will send Abrams tanks.

There has been a steady increase in military hardware to the Ukraine over the past year. Next war item are planes.

Do the tanks, and planes if so, supplied by NATO forces make the creep towards a war with Russia an actual leap into outright combat? We keep getting closer.

Speaker McCarthy refuses to reappoint Reps. Schiff and Swalwell to the House Intelligence Committee. McCarthy says his decision is “not anything political, integrity matters.”

What a joke! Blatant lie and bullshit on its face.

The real reason is twofold. Both men sat on the January 6 Committee and are anti-Trump. The other is Marjorie Taylor Greene. McCarthy is giving her her pound of flesh.

McCarthy’s decision political retribution at its worst.

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  1. Almost everything anyone in government touches is considered “clasified.” Although serious in principal that’s not the problem. What is important is those things marked “secret” or “top secret.” We know Trump had those amongst the truckload of stuff he had in Mara Largp alone, wonder what the other’s had of similar nature

  2. Republicans and their sleep walking libertarians brethren are constantly harping about freedoms, yet they are always quick to suppress people with opinions other than their own. McCarthy’s suppression of Reps. Schiff and Swalwell are just one more example of that.

    The House Intelligence Committee will NEVER be legitimate by refusing them.

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