WordPress manages my website. Went kaput yesterday! Major disaster! Took Sloan and WordPress forever to remedy. Final adjustments just made.

Not having availability to the blog like having a death in the family.

I also lost e-mail and search capability in the process. Ergo, today’s blog limited to the “big fish” and Syracuse’s shellacking by Virginia Tech last night.



Impressive fish! Halibut. Around 550 pounds. Fished from Alaskan waters.

Steve Thompson’s brother Rich fishes Alaskan waters for a living. Primarily catches halibut and salmon. The fisherman in the photo is not Rich. Another Alaskan fisherman. Rich provided the pic, however. Rich has caught several in the 450 pound area. The halibut Rich catches are usually in the 20-30 pound range.

The big halibut as reflected in the photo have an interesting story. They lay flat on the bottom. The top side is black or dark brown. The bottom which lies on the ocean floor white. The color of the top side is to hide the halibut’s existence from preying eyes.

The eyes of the large halibut are on both sides of the head in its early life. However, the one on the bottom moves around to join the one topside so both can be used in later life.

The fish is considered thin, though really not. No bones.

Size is no reflection as to eating quality. Halibut tasty regardless of size. The military buys as many of the big ones as it can get. Excellent eating for its personnel. The large fish is cut into pieces by use of a band saw.

I have been watching Syracuse basketball for over a half century. Last night, Virginia Tech gave Syracuse the worst beating I have seen in those years. Syracuse lost 85-70. The first half was horrible. At halftime, Virginia Tech was leading 52-33.

Virginia Tech beat Syracuse with speed and 3 pointers. Tech passed till it had a shooter free. Which meant Tech hung in for 1-2 extra passes before shooting. The shooter by that time was alone at the 3 point arch.

Syracuse worked hard to correct the situation in the second half. Got it down to 12-14 points a couple of times. Not enough. In each instance, Tech took off on a run that gave them a 20 plus lead.

Not Syracuse’s year!

Tonight, I am having dinner with Dan and Lisa Riordan at the A& B Lobster House. Syracuse fans also. Dan and I will cry in our drinks.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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