The cry something must be done rises again. The shout the same following any abnormal happening.

I doubt anything significant will occur. If the deaths of 20 six year olds in a school shooting did not bring forth changes, police killings of innocents will not also.

I recognize Biden had some success re mass shooting last year. A credible result. Too little too late however. Not his fault. Biden is to be commended. The political hacks running this country are to blame.

A question arises re Tyre Nichols. What was the traffic stop involved? The public has not been told. The video begins with his car door open and the police pulling him out of his vehicle. Why the stop?

Most police today are authoritarian figures like some of our political leaders and those who aspire to political leadership. Been this way for years. Going to take years to correct, if at all. Just as gun safety took 30 years to correct and then only in a miniscule fashion.

Tucker Carlson continues to manifest he’s crazy. Note, he has Presidential aspirations.

An example of how his mind works. He says U.S. troops should invade and liberate Canada. In order to depose Justin Trudeau who he compares to a dictator.

One reason being Trudeau’s position re COVID vaccine shots. Trudeau favored them, Carlson did not.

Now several years later, Carlson suggests a Bay of Pigs operation to get rid of Trudeau. He failed to mention, perhaps did not recall, that the Bay of Pigs failed.

The Bay of Pigs idea reflects Carlson’s belief that Canada is becoming a Cuba.

Carlson complained the U.S. was spending all its money “to liberate Ukraine.” He recommends the U.S. send money and arms north to liberate Canada from Trudeau. He closed his comments with: “And I mean it!”

Cold yesterday. Made a bank stop. Then to Tammy for a pedicure and manicure. Followed by a visit with Corey at the library.

Cold spell behind us. High today 77. The night low 73.

I was pulling out of a parking spot yesterday when a homeless woman stopped me. She wanted to compliment my car. I drive a 13 year old Volkswagen convertible. The blue and white color is the thing. A month does not go by that some woman will stop me to say how much she enjoys the colors of the car. Amazing! No man has ever stopped me.

The woman’s name Bernadette. Attractive. Sixty seven. We enjoyed a brief conversation. She had a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. Gave me one. Told me it was to express support for the Ukraine effort. Advised yellow was the country’s color and would I remember to support the Ukraine effort. Told her I already did.

The yellow rose sits in a vase on my kitchen cupboard.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 7. I hope I do not sit through another painful experience. The losses hurt.

Enjoy your day!



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