The Thompson home is full. Steve and Cindy ae entertaining Steve’s bother Rich and his wife from Alaska and his sister “Sam” from Washington State. Party time in the Thompson household!

I plan on stopping by this afternoon to meet them.

Very busy yesterday.

The Syracuse/Georgia Tech basketball game. Syracuse won 80-63.

The game started off slowly for Syracuse. As all games have this season, Syracuse immediately ell behind by 11 points. Fortunately, the Syracuse defense tightened up and the ball began finding the hoop leading to a Syracuse 17 point victory.

The team played well. Especially, Joe Girard. He had a stellar day. Sparked the team. Scored 18 first half points. Twenty eight total. Attempted 10 3 point shots. Made 6.

Sloan showed up as the game was ending. S is a marvel! Been helping me for years. I could not do without her. She is the technical brains behind the blog.

Last night was dinner with Jean and Joe Thornton at La Te Da. Meal and company the best. I enjoyed a bone sticking main course. Meat loaf. Oh, so good!

Chris stopped by a couple of times. Chris owns La Te Da. I have known him more that 20 years. First met when he owned Antonia’s. He steadily over the years has been refining the La Te Da property. The result a comfortable beauty. The quality of the food and surroundings match.

The only negative of the evening was the waiter knocked over a large glass of water on me. I finished the meal soaking wet from the waist down. The bottom half of my shirt and shorts.

A day in history which was a big one for Key West and the railroad industry. It occurred this day in 1912.

Henry Flagler was on the first train to arrive from the mainland in Key West. Its arrival officially opened the Overseas Extension of the Florida East Coast Railroad. A large crowd greeted Flagler and the train in Key West.

Another shooting! Twelve hours ago in Monterey, California, at a ballroom dance event. Ten dead, ten injured.

One gun man. Male. Still at large. Nothing further known concerning him at this time.

Jean, Joe nd I spoke of many things last night. One, the price of eggs.

Prices keep rising. Cause the Asian flu outbreak in the U.S. which infects chickens. Price of eggs went up 11 percent just in the month connecting November and December. Overall, the price went up 59.9 percent last year.

Speaker McCarthy keeps getting battered. Deservedly so.

Syndicated columnist Stephen V. Roberts wrote in “The Price of Pride” yesterday: “Kevin McCarthy finally claimed the House speakership after 15 embarrassing ballots, but it was a hollow and hazardous victory. By caving to the demands of his own party’s hardliners, he obtained the title, but diminished its value. He’s turned himself, and his office, over to the hostage takers, and he’s put the country’s financial future at risk.”

Roberts quoted Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern: McCarthy has “given everything including his dignity.”

So sayeth the truth.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. DIGNITY ????

    Lou, after four plus years of Trump, what REPUBLICAN could possibly claim any dignity?

    Lou you give them credit they don’t deserve and are bigtime gaslighting!-

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